In a recent article, The danger of positive thinking (that no-one tells you about), I promised more details on my holistic approach to working through stuff towards feeling better.

This (Part 1) focuses on the body; parts 2 & 3 on mind and spirit.

Most of us live in a fast paced world that thrives on instant gratification; fast food is everywhere with an untold number of chemicals to ‘preserve’ it; very few of us actually know where the food that we eat come from, how it was grown or prepared, what’s in it and what microwave ovens do to it.  Even if you read the labels, do you really know what it all means and how it affects your body, and therefore your mind and your mood?

Add in the common daily stresses of paying bills, a job you may not like and other responsibilities like children, pets, laundry and dishes, sprinkle in an unhealthy dose of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, late night snacks and overeating, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep and it is quite astonishing that we function at all and just how much punishment our bodies can take!

Also, we’ve all had past traumatic experiences; if a trauma comes along that’s too big for us to process at the time, it gets stored (or split off, frozen in time, if you want) and remains there – zapping energy – until you process it.  As Robert Smith from FasterEFT says, “memories buried alive don’t die”.

Given all this, is it really surprising that more people than ever before experience depression or that addictions, road rage, overwhelm, stress and anxiety is as common as it is?

Since body, mind and soul are connected, a sick or tired body inevitably affects your whole system and unless you balance the body’s energy system, emotional or spiritual well-being is highly unlikely.

EFT (tapping) can and does help with this … and sometimes that’s just not enough if your body’s energy system has gone out of sync; imagine putting in flashlight batteries the wrong way around – the flashlight won’t work even though there is nothing wrong with either flashlight or batteries; all that’s required to everything back to tickety-boo is simply swapping the batteries around!

The same is true for most of the energy ‘issues’ in the body;  they are relatively easy and quick to correct, you can do it in the privacy of your home, it’s free and it could be fun too! Here are some ideas to help your body re-balance and stay in balance (I do these daily).

Some general pointers, guidelines and help before we get to the details:

  • First, decide how long you are willing to dedicate to your well-being every day; 5 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour?  Monday – Friday, or 7 days a week?
  • Start with a small number; setting yourself up to go from zero to 60 minutes immediately could be setting yourself up for failure; why not start with 15 or 30 minutes initially and then increase it once you start feeling the benefits. [If however you are totally committed go for gold and set aside an hour or more a day – I do!]
  • Once you have decided how much time you are willing to give yourself, find an accountability partner: make the commitment to a friend or a loved one to spend that time with yourself every day.   Do not make the commitment for more than 7 days at a time; if, at the end of the 7 days you want to, renew the commitment for another 7 days.  This way you make it easy to keep your word.
  • If you want, add a soft  ‘penalty clause’ in your commitment:  e.g. promise your accountability partner that you will donate a certain amount of money (even if only £5 or $10!) to a charity for every day that you do not keep your commitment.
  • Decide to spend the time no matter what; whenever your mind conjures up reasons, excuses and justifications for not doing it, remind yourself of why you committed in the first place!
  • Focus on the amount of time you have promised yourself rather than what you do in that time; that way you can mix and match the exercises, adjust them according to your energy levels and spend more time on the ones you enjoy.

Getting stuck energy moving

Where: In bed or anywhere else
1 minute (or as  long as you enjoy it!)

This is such a simple and easy technique that helps move old stale energy (like stuckness).  Tap under your arm (men – in line with your nipple, women – on your bra strap) with one hand, and on your chest, right in between the nipples, with the other hand.

If you want (and it’s safe) close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe while you tap; if you notice any particular uncomfortable feeling keep focusing on it (no need wfor words) while you tap and notice how it shifts.

(Thanks to Emma Roberts from The EFT Centre for this.)

Tap anywhere, any point, for any reason

Where: Anywhere
Time: As long as you want (even a few seconds)

Sometimes people new to EFT get hung up on ‘the right words’ to say.  Why not just tap anywhere (in bed, while driving or queing up, or walking) on any tapping point you like (click here for a tapping diagram) for any reason – or even without reason.

Think of it as stimulating and tapping energy into your nervous system – it can only do good (avoid tapping points that hurt).

Nurturing your spleen

Where:  In bed or anywhere else
1 minute (or as  long as you enjoy it!)

The spleen is vital for your emotional well-being.

This has become one of my favourite parts of my day; upon waking up, spend a minute or two (or more!) stretching your body and lovingly stroking your body all over – this nurtures the spleen!

Donna Eden’s ‘5 minute’ routine

Where:  Anywhere you have space to move
Donna says ‘5 minutes’, it takes me approx 8 minutes! (you can only pick the parts of the routine you like)

I highly recommend this daily routine. I also highly recommend Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’ – it is jam-packed with information and practical ‘how-to’s to help you feel better.

Qi Gong

Where:  Anywhere you have space to move
A minimum of 5 minutes once a day

This is a lovely and gentle routine that you can do no matter what physical shape you’re in.  It calms the mind, expels old stale or stuck energy and rejuvenate your energy system from the unlimited supply that is the universe.

Here are some of my favourite ones – or find the ones you like!

An antidote for overwhelm

Where: Anywhere
As long or as short as you want, even a minute will help

One of the things that your body is programmed to do when you get overwhelmed is to redirect blood-flow from your brain to other parts of your body that may need it more; this results in the fight, flight or (rarely talked about) freeze response.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, gently put one flat hand on your forehead and hold the back of your head with the other hand so that your thumb is just above your neck line; this immediately starts drawing blood back into your brain which will help you calm down and regain perspective.

If you are generally inclined to overwhelm, do this pose for 5 minutes in the morning (in bed is fine!) and at night even if you don’t feel overwhelmed.


Where: Anywhere (yes, even on the run!)
Even a few minutes a day helps

Meditation does not have to mean sitting down with your eyes closed (although that’s OK too!); meditation is simply about being aware of the here and now. 

So, when you’re using public transport, instead of getting lost in the bad news of the day in a newspaper, open your senses and actually notice what’s around you – hear the sounds, see the sights, smell the smells, become aware of and feel of your feet on the floor, observe your breathing.  As you walk down the street, run or swim, focus on one of your toes or fingers and notice where and how it moves.  Instead of unconsciously scoffing down your meals while you read, watch TV or work, notice the texture and temperature of the food, feel it on your tongue, and taste it!

Meditation helps your mind and body calm down, evens out your heart rate, stabilises your blood pressure and more; and you can do this anywhere, any time.

Connected breathing

Where: Anywhere
This takes no time – just do it whenever you think about it

If you’re reading this, the odds are you’re breathing (which is a good thing!)  However, most people don’t breathe deeply enough, thereby depriving their bodies of the oxygen.

The next time you’re waiting in line at the store or post office or just going about your day, spend a few minutes doing connected belly breathing – breathe into your stomach (as opposed to your chest). Tuck your tailbone in to make it easier to breathe into your stomach; once the in-breath is complete immediately go into a full, long out-breath; at the bottom of the out-breath immediately start breathing in again.

Take slow and gentle deep breaths so that you don’t hyperventilate!

Yogic breathing

Where: Anywhere
Time: 1 minute or more

Another powerful and simple breathing technique is one that can also be used when EFT doesn’t seem to work:

Baking Soda in the bath, and per mouth

Whether you believe in it or not, your body have an energy field around it, which can be detected with scientific instruments.  At some points along your body there is a concentration of energy – these are sometimes called ‘chakras’.

Baking soda (not baking powder) cleanses these chakras, relaxes you and is great for your skin – rashes, sunburn, scrathes etc.

Best of all, baking soda is very, very cheap.  About 25g in a bath … or to taste!

Speaking of which, baking soda helps to make your body more alcaline, which is healthier than being acidic.  A quarter spoon in a warm glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night and Bob’s your uncle.


Don’t be surprised if you see very quick results (even in unexpected ways!) once you commit to this routine; and, if at first you don’t feel any change – persist, persist persist; sometimes it takes more than a day or a week to turn around your life, and that’s OK!

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