Organisational Flow is ALL ABOUT ENERGY

I don’t offer…

  • Consulting services because I do not know your business as well as you do, nor do I have your answers or know what’s best for you.  I do know that with skilful facilitation and the right energy shifts you will gain access to the most incredible solutions, usually effortlessly.
  • Corporate coaching because it usually relies on willpower, an exhaustible resource that rarely leads to long-term deep personal transformation.  This means that, under stress, you always revert back to your old, ingrained and default ways of thinking, feeling and doing.  (There’s a reason for this, and it’s called your limbic brain.)
  • Motivational speaking because its impact rarely lasts past the first traffic jam on the way home.
  • Conventional team building because it seldom addresses or resolves real team challenges and conflict; those who already get along have a great time having a great time out of the office, but when everyone’s back at the office the same conflicts are still there, alive and well.
  • Profiling or psychometric tests because as helpful as these can be to understand your and your team’s behaviour, most people tend to use the results as a ‘fixed box’ life sentence.  I choose to stand for your (and your people’s) infinite potential to grow and change.

Is your organisation stuck?  

Your team pulling in different directions or in conflict?  

Creativity down and stress and absenteeism up, or has it gone beyond that and you’re faced with a toxic environment?  

Lost the good vibes … or never had them?

If performance coaching, motivational speeches, models, theories, conventional management courses and team building haven’t given you want you were looking for, and you know there’s more to it … you’re right.

Shifting the energy is the difference that makes the difference.

It’s easier and quicker than you think, can be done safely in groups (yes, even in corporations), and has  finally been proven scientifically.

You could say (and would be right to say) that it is the missing piece of the puzzle.

A game changer.

It’s all about shifting energy

When energy isn’t flowing, creativity goes out the window, isolation, conflict and competition rises, as do stress, illness and absenteeism.  Solutions come harder (if they come at all), and before long stuckness and frustration knocks on the door, followed by despair.  Left untended for long enough, apathy enters, a pretty serious nail in your organisational coffin and virtually impossible to turn around.

Ever wonder what makes some people seem like they have the Midas touch?  Why some teams and organisations outperform others beyond all logical explanation?  It’s got nothing to do with what they do, and everything to do with how they do it.

When energy flows for you and your team, you move from competition to collaboration and co-creation.  Creativity rises, possibilities open up, the magic of synergy and flow happens – now solutions appear in ways that inspire – and may boggle – both mind and heart.

This, in turn, benefits your bottom line.

Kinda simple, when you think about it, isn’t it?

When it comes to shifting energy, science has eventually caught up with spirituality, paving the way for progressive organisations to see so-called ‘alternative’ methods for what they are:  the missing piece of the puzzle.

Bennie Naude


Where do you, as leader in your organisation, go for help when you cannot go to your board, your shareholders or those that report to you?  

How do you resolve internal conflict in your leader-team, or do you, like most, hope that it will somehow resolve itself? (It rarely, if ever, does.)

Who supports you and your team through those difficult (and often confidential) times of downsizing, restructuring, affirmative action, or when your deliberations or negotiations have been going around in circles, with no solutions forthcoming?

You could wait until you’ve exhausted all the avenues you’ve been down before, or you could opt for something different, for shifting the energy – quickly – with profound (and heart-warming and eye-watering) results.


It is true that changing organisations starts at the top.  And yet, sometimes you need an urgent and direct group intervention, as when layoffs are on the cards, your organisation has gone (or is going) through big changes or trauma, trust has broken down and your culture has gone toxic.  It could also be that you’re not quite sure what is is … but that something is missing and/or that you (and your bottom line) need a boost of fresh energy or a new direction.

The energy techniques I use can be used in groups (from small to hundreds) and has been clinically proven to release stress, tension and trauma effectively (and in a fraction of the time – and therefore, the cost – of conventional techniques.)

It does not matter whether you’re progressive and forward thinking, or simply desperate; in the end you will need to find a way to shift the energy that created the status quo, and Einstein was right when he said that you cannot resolve a problem with the same mindset that created it.

If you think about it – it’s just pure logic, plain and simple. 

The Gathering Retreats

The Corporate Gathering Retreat 

“Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”  Mary Oliver

If ever the corporate world needed conscious (and therefore more effective) leaders, surely it is now.

Conscious leadership does not start with a new company logo, mission or mouse-pads, nor does it start with sending ‘your people’ on a management course or going white river rafting or paint-balling.

Conscious leadership starts with you, and that’s what The Business VIP Gathering is about.

Do you also long for a more connected business world, where collaboration and co-creation is the norm – rather than competition?  Would you also like to co-create a workplace where people get to express themselves in the way they love, where everyone feels part of a bigger whole and loves it so, where flow and synergy are ever-present and business colleagues conscious?

That level of transformation has to start somewhere – with you.

If you’re ready for a journey with a difference for you and/or your team, a journey that effects deep and long-lasting change, will help you connect, communicate and collaborate in ways unheard of before (and put you way ahead of the game), contact me to discuss The Corporate Gathering, or visit our official Gathering website here.

Bennie Naude

Want to talk about what is possible over the phone, Skype or a cup of something?  

Contact me.

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