Actual Case Studies From My Practice
These are actual examples  the results of some of my clients have experienced. Their names and personal details have been changed to ensure privacy.

These examples prove that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE no matter where you are today!

What Fear of Heights? Let me up there!
One of my first clients was a man in his twenties that had had a fear of heights for as long as he could remember. We worked on the phone for about half an hour, the fear had totally collapsed and he went on to abseil from 3,500ft mountain!

Cravings?  What cravings? And Thanks For The Weight Loss!
I worked with a client on the phone for an hour to reduce her cravings for bread and wine.  A week after the session she still had no sign of said cravings and she was firmly on her way to her ideal weight.

Parental Guilt Over A Hugely Sensitive Issue
A client felt a heavy burden of guilt after her daughter committed suicide; as she partly blamed herself.  At the end of the session she was hugely relieved and could see that she had mothered her daughter to the very best of her abilities and that her daughter was on her own life journey.  She left a lot lighter and her depression started lifting too.

Accident Trauma Relieved In a Single Session
A woman in her twenties had been in a car accident in her early teens and still felt upset and traumatised when she thought or talked about the events of the accident.  After a single session she could talk about the accident easily  without any emotion, and reported that it felt like ‘talking about someone else’s accident’.

Saying Goodbye To Severe Sexual And Ritual Abuse
Tom, in his late twenties, had been ritually and sexually abused over a long time when he was younger.  He was, understandably, still traumatised by his experiences and found it hard to trust others, especially groups, or to let go of the past.  After a few sessions Tom was able to talk about his past without becoming emotionally upset, felt more grounded and was starting to feel more positive about life.

Let Me Sing!
A friend was very nervous about singing at a Bar Mitzvah.  After a tapping session he went out there and enjoyed himself entertaining the crowd!

Red In The Neck No More
A man in his early thirties had huge anxiety about an event where he would be up in front of an audience of about 70 people.  Adding to his anxiety his neck always got bright red as he got anxious and he dreaded everyone seeing that.  Two sessions later he was ready to face the audience … he was totally calm and relaxed and he actually enjoyed the spotlight!  And his neck?  Never went red again since the tapping session, and that was in 2003!

That man was me.

Ready for something different?

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