I am currently re-structuring my courses and this page is undergoing significant change in terms of layout, content, pricing, and dates of courses.

Therefore … while this notice is here, please check with us on assistance@bennienaude.com before you book or plan; we aim to have this all complete by Friday 1 Aug 2014.

“I have worked in the field of personal development for the past ten years and my motto is ‘if you want to be the best it’s essential to align with the best’. In the field of energy psychology, EFT and life coaching Bennie Naude is your man. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bennie to anyone who wants to be at the top of their game or who is looking to make profound and long lasting positive changes in their lives.” 

Dan Hartley

My courses, workshops and webinars

Having taught in the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa and Swaziland, and professionally trained as a trainer/presenter, my courses are highly rated for being safe, transformational – and different.

I’ve facilitated well over 100 workshops around the world and in 2014 became one of AAMET’s (The Association for The Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) first ever ‘International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers’.  

I am more interested in transformation than information and my courses are designed accordingly, combining the most effective teaching styles to accommodate all learning styles.

** Teenager Friendly **

Most of my courses and events are “Teenager Friendly” and anyone from the age of 14 are encouraged and welcome to attend; look out for the *TEENAGER FRIENDLY* sign in the course details.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting Courses

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Courses

EFT (‘tapping’)  has changed the lives of many and is rapidly changing the world.  It’s easy to learn and brings profound results.

The range of EFT courses (to individuals, professionals and business), includes:

  • Introduction to EFT (3 hours)
  • EFT – The Basics Course (1 day)
  • EFT Self-help Course (1.5 day)
  • “Helping Others with EFT” Courses (0.5 to 1-day)
  • EFT Speciality Courses (1 day)

Available in South Africa, Australia and the UK.

For more information click here.

Matrix Reimprinting Courses

Karl Dawson’s Matrix Reimprinting Technique remains one of the most powerful techniques to change lives – because it releases trauma and changes beliefs.

Used more and more by professionals to help others, Matrix is also simple to apply to yourself or those you care about.

Attend one of these Matrix Reimprinting courses:

  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Course (2 days)
  • Matrix Reimprinting Advanced/Specialities Course (2 days)

Available in South Africa, Australia and the UK.

For more information click here.

The ABC To Doing What You Love

What if Doing What You Love was as simple as ‘The ABC’?

Well, it is.

It may not always be easy, but it’s simple – and once you get to do what you love, that’s when everything changes.

‘The ABC’ is a range of events designed to meet you where you’re at, and to guide you through the different steps, step-by-step, every step of the way, towards doing what you love.

These events are fun, interactive and thought provoking, and you’ll see clearly where you may be stuck, and what your next steps are.


More importantly, ‘The ABC’ brings about change and transformation the only place it really matters – inside of you – because tomorrow won’t be different unless you are; it really is as simple as that.

‘The ABC’ is what I stand for; it’s my ‘doing what I love’. How would you like to step more into yours?

Available in South Africa, Australia and the UK.

For more information click here.

General Courses

Having a Financially Successful Practice (1 day)


When it comes to doing what you love, you have a choice:  you can run it as a hobby or a business.

This module was designed to help those who want to have a financially successful business doing what you love, because to build a more successful practice takes more than printing business cards and having a website.  

Based on the popular webinar series en upcoming book, this is a face-to-face opportunity to really get to grips with how to build a successful client practice in hands-on, practical and exciting ways that work:

  • find out why common marketing advice doesn’t work – and what to do instead
  • how to price your service and deal with money
  • a simple way to make it easier for your clients to do business with you
  • discover how ‘everything matters and nothing matters’
  • learn about ‘warm slippers’
  • the importance of boundaries
  • getting help with admin while you focus on what you’re good at
  • ways to promote yourself
  • start breaking down your personal blocks around putting yourself out there, charging etc.
  • discover the one secret that has helped my clients to get consistently good results 

Come, learn and change.

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Overcoming Guilt & Shame (1 day)

Guilt is the feeling we get when we believe that we did something bad; shame is the all-pervasive feeling that we get when we think we are bad, without even having to do anything; shame takes on a life of it’s own, a seemingly unshakable ‘is-ness’ that permeates and penetrates every corner of your life; worse – with it comes the sense that there is nothing you can do about it.

Shame and guilt kills metaphorically and on the inside; it kills spontaneity, creativity, passion, hope and relationships, to name a few. 

Left untreated, shame and guilt often leads to depression, addiction and disease.  At best, it results in a very painful way of living. Sometimes it actually kills via suicide.

Having overcome extraordinary levels of shame in my own life, I have put together this event to help you release yours.  In my work with thousands of people all over the world over the last decade I have learnt that some ways of working with shame work better to resolve it than others; I have also learnt that there are often very good reasons why people would rather carry it than release it.

Come and experience my unique ‘Shame and Guilt’ protocol that has helped many, and could help you.

You would not have to share anything personal or private with me or the group to benefit; 

If you have carried your burden of guilt and shame for long enough and you are ready for something different, join me on this; you’ll leave a lot lighter.

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Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking (1 day)


You cannot talk yourself out of a fear of public speaking, and it’s probably killing you, or your career.

It gets in the way of you getting ‘out there’ and getting your message out in the way that you know you can, and that hurts.

Your fear of public speaking may have been stopping you in your tracks, or maybe you are in a position where you already speak in public and you get through it with panic, anxiety, willpower or Beta Blockers, neither of which is helpful in the long term.  

Maybe you rely on coping mechanisms, like breathing slowly or imagining the audience in underwear – which let’s face it, rarely actually works other than to get you through the experience.  Until the next one. 

Don’t you think it’s time to address the problem at the root and resolve (rather than manage) your fear of public speaking?  How much longer do you want to suffer unnecessarily?  

Imagine being over your fear of public speaking – and being able to focus on connecting with your audience rather than your thumping heart and the sweat running down your back?

Join this fun, engaging and lighthearted day to release and overcome your fear of public speaking using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); once it’s gone, it’s gone – and you can focus on getting your message across!

  • identify the most common aspects that drive the fear of public speaking, and clear them out
  • find out what’s really behind your fear of public speaking – and clear it out
  • experience the freedom of being able to present in a relaxed and calm way

This course is very much an experiential day in a safe environment, to help you shift and change where it really matters.

Come, learn and change.

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Presentation Skills


I wasn’t born a great presenter, I was taught to be one; this is true for a lot (if not the majority) of effective presenters.

Even those who are already comfortable in presenting, training and running workshops, can, with minor tweaks, raise their game exponentially.  

Even if your message is fabulous, wonderful, interesting and neccesary, it loses it’s power if you don’t present it well; fact.

To find out about courses to help you improve your public speaking, presentation and training skills, click here.

There are various aspects to public speaking including

  • getting over your performance anxiety
  • things to look for in a venue
  • how to set up a room and stage to be most effective
  • body posture and movements, including Satir movements
  • stage anchoring
  • a simple way to structure your presentation and how to present in a way that speak directly to the different learning styles in your audience
  • the difference between speaking ‘at’ and speaking ‘with’
  • how to actively engage your audience
  • effective teaching techniques and how to solidify the learnings for your participants
  • some absolute ‘NO-NO’s in presenting
  • selling from the stage
  • general tips and tricks including 
  • everything matters, nothing matters
  • and more

Coming soon.  

From Resentment to Rich and Rewarding Relationships

Because it affects us so deeply when our relationships with partners, children, family, friends, or colleagues go off-track, it’s often easy to lose sight of what’s really going on and to let our emotions run haywire or, on the flipside, shut down.

Neither of these options typically produce great results, so just as well there’s another way.

  • Do you feel resentment towards your partner or ex-partner, someone at work, your neighbour, your children, or a friend?
  • Are you confused about or struggling with the intensity of your resentment and frustration?
  • Are you, despite your best intentions, not able to suppress your resentment and frustration for long and sometimes feel like you want to explode?
  • Do you sometimes think that everything would be ok if they would just stop (or start) doing this, or that?
  • Do you feel guilty about resenting that thing they always do that drives you up the walls, or about how you treat them when they do?
  • Do you work with couples and are ready for some state of the art and slightly unconventional ways to resolve conflict?

If you can relate to any of this, this one-day course can help you change it the only way you ever can – from the inside out.

This is not a course in assertiveness and if you want to remain a victim of your circumstances then you may not want to come either because you’ll get the opportunity to see how you have co-created the situations (yes, even those where it is obvious that you are innocent);  more importantly, you will have to clear things out of your system and then one of four things will happen…

  • the other person won’t change but it won’t affect you (or will affect you less)
  • you will change
  • they will change
  • one of you will leave the relationship.

Combining the power of insight and transformation through ShadowWork, the work of Byron Katie, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and others, this is day filled with real transformation possibilities.  

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Emotions, EFT and Business Performance


How times change!  Until fairly recently, emotions were something that most companies expected employees to leave by the door on the way into the office. 

Now more experts like Dr Jason Fox, Mike Allen, James Clear and others are agreeing on one thing:  business performance never has been, and as far as we know will never be, purely a function of left-brain activity, board meetings, project plans and optimised technology.   

It turns out that how connected we are as human beings, not only with each other but also to ourselves, is the difference that makes all the difference.  

This is fairly obvious when you think about it; when people feel good about themselves and about those people they work with (i.e. if they connect well), then things usually go well; people are more creative and productive and synergy becomes an experienced reality rater than a concept in a leadership training manual;  when conflict happens (as it does) it gets resolved and people, re-connected, can actually move on.

Expecting or pretending to ignore the fact that as humans we are emotional beings isn’t just absurd but it’s also not cost-effective.  Swept under the carpet for long enough it causes havoc, creating conflict and unproductivity; at best, these organisations lose their momentum, drive and competitive edge – they start ticking over while everyone starts looking for a way out and those who find one, take it.  At worst, they become toxic organisations that eventually implode or explode.  

If the solution was expensive and required massive investment and resources over prolonged periods of time – organisations could be forgiven for being weary to even consider opening Pandora’s box.

The reality is that the solution is easy to implement and usually results are seen within days or weeks. (And no, we’re not talking about another white river rafting trip, team building exercise or latest 4-quarter leadership model.)

In this deeply thought-provoking day workshop, former executive director and now writer, speaker and thinker Jenny Ibbotson teams up with me to provide not only solid and sound reasons why it’s time to change, but also to offer practical solutions that can be implemented, executed and measured within a fraction of the time and budget that companies have become accustomed to.

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