General questions about my courses

Are you a good trainer?

I am professionally trained as a trainer and presenter, and have taught in 15 countries (England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zanzibar, Australia, New Zealand, ,

My courses are highly rated for being safe, transformational – and different.  (click here for testimonials)

I’ve facilitated well over 150 workshops around the world and in 2014 became one of AAMET’s (The Association for The Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) first ever ‘International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers’.  I was then certified as Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers for EFTMRA (The EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy), created by Matrix creator Karl Dawson, before stepping down from all external organisations, to promote my own work in my own way.

How will I be treated at one of your courses?

Punctually (my courses run to time), professionally, skilfully, respectfully, patiently and kindly. I have a reputation for challenging people to ‘step up’ in a way that is gentle and affirming.  You will always have the final say in what is right for you and what is not – because you are the only one that knows.

Would I have to reveal anything personal to you or to other attendees?

Only if you want to; one of the wonders of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is the many ways in which we can help someone without having to know anything personal about them.

You will be encouraged to share, connect and engage with others – and the choice will always be yours.

What are the requirements to be able to attend one of your courses?

Most of my courses are open to everyone who understands English; any additional requirements are noted with the course info here on my site.

If you are not sure if you meet the requirements (maybe you have trained with someone else or you’ve self-studied), contact me and let’s talk.

What are the course hours?

Most courses run from 9:30am – 6pm (5pm on the last day), and they run to time.

Optional bonus sessions are offered from 8am – 9am (from day 2) on most courses.

Check individual courses for more details; we will send you all those details again after you register.

What happens at the bonus sessions?

I love offering people who are ready for it, more opportunities to learn and to grow.

The early morning bonus sessions provide an opportunity for me to work with individuals and the group as a whole, to help shift and work through personal issues, learn more, and leave better skilled for having seen how I apply the technique in various ways to suit individual’s needs.

Sometimes the bonus sessions have a specific theme (e.g. covering aspects of my signature ‘The ABC to Doing what You Love’) or the group may decide on themes such as

  • Resolving money issues like ‘I don’t deserve to be wealthy’ or ‘It’s not spiritual to be wealthy’ or releasing financial debt
  • Resolving relationship conflicts
  • Releasing physical pains and aches, or working with serious disease
  • Release limiting beliefs like ‘I am not good enough’
  • More information is provided on Day 1 of the course.
What should I bring to the course?

Mostly just yourself, and a willingness to learn.  All training materials are provided, including a training manual.

Herbal tea, water and light healthy snacks (e.g. fruit) are usually provided.

You’ll receive a welcome email when you register for the course; if you don’t receive this within an hour after registering (please check your email Junk and Spam folders) then email us on so that we can resend it to you right away.

In that email we’ll tell you more about what to bring, what to expect, the training location, start and finish times and the arrangements around lunch, drinks and snacks. Depending on the venue you’ll be asked to bring your own lunch or we’ll tell you about lunch possibilities at or around the venue.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay or register?

No you don’t; you can pay via

  • your credit card
  • your PayPal account
  • electronic fund transfer (also EFT, ha ha) to my UK or South African bank account
Do you offer course discounts?

I do offer scholarships instead – see section below for details.

If you would like to come and cannot make a full payment, we can usually arrange a payment plan for you; contact me to see what’s possible.

How do your scholarships work?

I offer scholarships (usually 40%)  to organisations who would like to get their staff trained and do not have the funds to afford the standard course fees.  These scholarships are available to organisations like

  • schools
  • hospitals and hospices
  • trauma centres, family centres and organisations that work with children

If you’d like to apply for one of these scholarships, contact me with:

  • the name of your organisation
  • what area you work in e.g. trauma, rape centre, family centre etc.
  • which course you’d like your staff to attend
  • how many staff you’d like to be able to attend
  • 500 words to motivate why you’d like to receive the scholarship
You don't seem to offer courses where I live; what do I need to do to get you to come here?

I love combining two of my main passions (traveling and teaching) so if you’d like me to come to where you live to offer a course, contact me and let’s talk; you could end up attending for free.

Are you serious about your money back guarantee?

Yes I am.  Check out the details here

I've booked my place, should I now book my travel and accommodation?

If I cancel a course for whatever reason, I will refund you 100% of your tuition fee.  In such circumstances I am not responsible for your travel or any other costs you may have incurred.

Therefore, check with us that an event is going ahead before you incur non-refundable expenses relating to the course.

What is your course cancellation policy?
What is 'crewing' all about?

You mean, other than being a privilege, learning lots, growing lots, and having fun?!?!  Click here to find out more (opens in new tab).

What is included in your courses?

Click here to see what’s included.

Questions about EFT Courses

What happens on an EFT Course?

My courses are designed to teach you both the theory of EFT as well as the practical ways how to use it; most importantly, my EFT courses are structured to allow you enough time to practice the technique in the safety of the training room, with help at hand to guide you when you get stuck. Because I have been trained to a very high standard (not just in EFT, but also in the art of training), the information is presented in an interactive way that engages you at every level; I don’t do seminars or read of PowerPoint slides.

What can I expect to get from an EFT Course?

You can totally expect to leave a lot more confident in your skill to apply EFT Tapping to yourself and others than when you walked in.

You’ll probably also know yourself better, will have identified key areas where you’ve been holding yourself back and clearly see how your past has been affecting your future.

Armed with that knowledge – not to mention your new EFT tapping skills and tapping buddies! – you will know that you absolutely can change; you can be free of whatever has been limiting you, release physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and you can literally tap into more of your potential.

If you already work with people, you’ll leave excited about how you can help them even more with this strange thing called ‘EFT Tapping’!!

Who should attend an EFT Course?

These trainings have been designed to meet people from all walks of life, to guide them through the process of understanding and then safely applying EFT.

If you already work with people (as a coach, mentor, doctor, nurse, chiro, teacher or any other capacity) then EFT tapping is a perfect complement. If you have no intention of working with people in a professional capacity, you can still add an amazingly simple and powerful way to help yourself through life’s day-to-day challenges and possibly help those close to you like friends and family.

If you haven’t reached your full potential yet (who has?!) then EFT tapping can help you take the next steps towards being more of who you really are, leaving behind backaches, headaches and heartaches and self-imposed limitations.

I am a psychotherapist, psychologist, coach, or other type of therapist; should I come?

Yes, for a number of reasons!

You already know how to work with people, and you already know that they pay you to get better.  That being the case, why wouldn’t you learn a new skill that’s not only easy to apply to your clients where you think it’s appropriate, but also easy to teach them, to help them take responsibility for their own well-being and healing in between their sessions with you?

My style of teaching (and beauty of EFT) is inclusive; my role is not to make other modalities wrong, but to demonstrate practically how to include EFT in what you may already be doing.  Increasingly therapists, medical doctors and other experts have attended these courses and without exception they have incorporated EFT into their lives, if not their practice.

What makes you different from other EFT Trainers?

EFT Training requires a specialized skill-set which is different from being a good EFT practitioner. Another way of saying that, is that a good EFT Practitioner does not necessarily make a good EFT Trainer. Here’s how training with me gives you the best of both worlds.

In addition to being masterful at EFT and having run a very successful private practice working with people from all around the world (you can read some of my clients results on this site), I have also been professionally trained as a trainer, learning how to train in a way that engages all parts of your brain and to deliver the course material in a way that is refreshing, powerful and effective.

I have facilitated, led and co-led way over 100 training events all around the world for over 10 years and have become well known as an engaging, fun and unusual presenter and trainer that creates very safe training environments.

Even though my training manuals contain a lot more than the published curriculum, woven into the material and in the way that I present there is also a lot more than meets the eye, or your expectations. Over many years I have trained in a wide range of other techniques and modalities and because I’ve applied EFT to so many people on such a diverse range of ‘issues’, I’m able to draw on a host of real life examples to demonstrate and teach.

Moreover, participants tell me that they have fun on my courses and feel leaving great about themselves. I agree!

Why are your EFT Course hours so much longer than other people's?


  • allow you enough time to review and integrate the material
  • to provide more opportunity for you to practice and to see demo’s
  • to avoid this course becoming ‘just another course’, by enabling you to leave the training room confident with your new skill

Students from all around the world consistently comment on the value in having sufficient time to practice the techniques during the training event because it allows you to feel confident to go out and apply the techniques immediately.

There is however another very important reason.

In addition to covering the training manual, the DeepLiving EFT training courses have been designed to give you additional personal transformation, to cover all styles of learning, and to make sure the information ‘sticks’.

Instead of this becoming ‘just another course’, by the end of our time together, you’ll be confident in your ability to apply the technique.

Do you offer EFT Certification?

Yes I do, via DeepLiving or EFTMRA (EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy); click here for details

Do you offer EFT supervision or mentoring?

Yes, during 2015 I am offering free mentoring to all EFT and Matrix Reimprinting students and practitioners who trained with me.

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