EFT – Level 1/The Basics (2 days)

*Teenager Friendly*

“EFT Level 1/The Basics” is a fabulous way to start out with EFT.

You’ll learn how to use EFT on yourself or others to:

  • get relief from physical issues like headaches, back-ache, stress, arthritis, asthma, painful pms and so on.
  • relieve emotional difficulties like old past pain and hurt, shame, regret and guilt that still keep you stuck in the past and unable to move forward.
  • release stress, anxiety, fear, phobias and worry.

See live demonstrations of EFT in action and also get to practice ‘tapping’ yourself so that you know what to do when you leave.

Well balanced between theory and practice, it’s a full experience, filled with fun, good company, learning and change.

The curriculum includes:

  • a short history of EFT – where ‘tapping’ comes from.
  • the tapping points – where and how to tap.
  • the EFT shortcut recipe;  quick and easy to learn and to use, and it works.
  • psychological reversal  – what it is, how it can block EFT from working, and 6 ways to neutralise it.
  • the importance of being specific, and the right questions to ask.
  • the Gamut procedure to help things ‘shift’ deeply.
  • see with your own eyes how effective EFT is to neutralise addictive cravings.
  • the Movie technique to help release painful past events quickly and safely.

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Bennie Naude
It’s a great idea to check your spare wheel before you start a long journey. But you wouldn't stop every 5 minutes to make sure that it’s still there, would you? Exactly. Whatever seeds you've planted, whatever dreams you’re working on, remember that faith and trust are essential ingredients of conscious creation.
Bennie Naude

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