EFT Course Testimonials



“I have been tapping on a number of people, many of whom are very familiar with EFT, and the feedback is consistently includes how good the sessions are, how different they are, and how much more effective than, the participants previously experience.

I am not sure exactly what you put in your teaching recipe that is so different but it is working like a bomb!

My response to such feedback from friends and clients is that I have a very good teacher, and I wanted to pass this onto you as I am very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge so skilfully and in a way that has deeply inspired me.

I have studied so many different healing modalities and often find myself a little ambivalent towards them, but I don’t feel this way with EFT, perhaps because I can actually see how it has had positive results both for me and my clients – big thanks.”

Natascha Fischer

Bennie Naude provides an all inclusive EFT Level 1 & 2 training package. The pace, content and complexity were well managed. The flow of the course was perfect for me.

David Power

Thank you very much for a very entertaining workshop!

Wolfgang Henckert

Excellent workshop! Tapping actually works; I can tap on any emotion that comes up, understanding that I am responsible for my healing. 

Thank you Bennie for being you!!! I gained a thorough understanding of EFT, being part of a community of like minded people and shifting some of the most difficult issues in my life.

Mpadi Makgalo

Thank you Bennie! I’ve learnt more about myself and how I can help others as well.

Misty Vala

I enjoyed Bennie’s teaching method – a great amount of information given with love and humour. An uplifting experience.

Fiona Rowett, Level 1 & 2, Wilderness

The course helped me by clearing personal issues and limiting beliefs that prevented me from taking action around realising my dreams. It also allowed me to dream bigger, knowing that I have the power within me to create what I set out to do. I also have skills to set me apart from other coaches and which will allow me to add value to my sessions with clients. This will be the biggest gift you can give yourself, wherever you are in your journey.

Sharon Stobbia

While aware that past workshops have brought me to a place where I am now able to fully accept, receive and take on everything that is, available to me. THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING 4 DAYS. I feel so different, I am so different.

Jeanne Booth

I loved it! Many a truth is said in jest; it made learning fun!

Misty Vala - EFT The Basics Joburg

Very entertaining and engaging presentation and a safe caring environment by Bennie. I can’t believe I almost never came. My life has definitely shifted, I’m back on track. At one.

Lauren Sweet

Having done a lot of EFT work with clients and little myself/for myself, and then being invited to “put my stuff down not just the manual” allowed a powerfully shifting weekend of personal transformation to happen.


Bennie Naude is an exceptional teacher filled with positive enthusiasm, humor, seriousness when needed, and excellent skill. The training felt more of a fun experience than a life learning experience. Bennie facilitates transformation with ease and resonates hope and love for the fullness of life.

Rain Martin, EFT Level 1 & 2, Wilderness

Because a friend recommended the course to me, I fully anticipated benefit from it, but I truly could not have imagined the insight I would have gained into myself! How I created my perceptions of the world and how much ability I have to change, to shift, really. It has been life changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jessica G

I love the way you, Bennie, guided us, held us, came to our rescue always at the right moment and you were available to everyone. You are VERY professional in your approach, yet very kind and deeply connective. The transformation which took place in the room daily was really phenomenal.

Astrid Reine Tworeck-Titley

I had so many realisations about myself which is great and the bonus was having effective tools and understanding how to work with changing and making my life better. I gained very useful information and practices for my therapy that I’ve never got from any other training I have done. For those unsure about investing the time and money, ‘Just do it, your life can never be the same again.

Brenda Witte

I received everything I hope to get and that was deep healing and a better understanding of myself with a great teacher Bennie.

Marlene Renshaw

Your EFT Level 1&2 gave so much more clarity to tapping, some great new techniques and hands-on experience. It’s definitely worth the time and money.

Joy Sachs

This course enhanced by belief in the process, belief in my capacity to function in an EFT environment. This knowledge will allow significant self-help.

Tim Martin

The group was lovely – all loving caring people – and somehow everyone was telling my story or had a part of it that helped me shift. I was lucky to attend a bonus class where the experience was a complete shift. Thanks Bennie for that.


With various issues (known + unknown to me) I gained an incredible technique and self help tool that will help (and already has) me and others around me. This course was priceless, worth more than anything money can buy! Thank you , thank you, thank you for the light you bring, for your kindness and compassion and for all the laughs and giggles. The crew were fantastic, supportive and gentle.


I learnt on this course that anything is possible. I learnt that I have “stuff” and that is ok! I am going to create the abundance I seek! I am blessed! I am grateful! To those who are unsure about investing the time & money to attend I’d say ‘You have nothing to lose! You can unlock your inner world and achieve anything you want’ Thank you for a great course and for creating a caring & compassionate environment in which we all felt safe enough to learn and to grow!

Toni Steele

Grete Becker van www.gretebecker.co.za oor hoe EFT kan saamwerk met haar Imago ‘couples’ werk, en hoe EFT 10 ‘shots’ van haar gholftelling afgeneem het! Karen Burt from www.codeteen.com on a great experience and EFT and teenagers.

Rolene Sher from www.rawlean.com on blending EFT and The Journey, Bennie’s teaching style and raw food. Suzaan Keller, sielkundige, oor hoe EFT en sielkunde kan saamwerk, hoe sy EFT gebruik het om haar dogtertjie om ontslae te raak van nagmerries, en ‘n goeie belegging.


Vernon Grandison from www.tappingintobrilliance.com on doing the new and improved Level 3, learning new and updating old techniques Nuhar Abrahams on transformation, having ‘blown her mind’ during EFT Level 3, and dancing 🙂
Carol Percival on feeling safe during Level 3 and taking her new tools and skills into her neighbourhood Martin Bradshaw from www.martinbradshaw.co.uk on learning more about himself in 3 days at Bennie’s Advanced EFT Level 3 course than in the last 40 years!
Joanna Brendon from www.joannabrendon.com about finding her own EFT voice as artist, practitioner and human being! Dermot Fitzpatrick, professional speaker, executive coach and master story teller from www.inspiringenterprises.co.uk on how he benefited from attending this Advanced EFT Training

For anyone who thought that Levels 1 & 2 were enough for them, this is the course for them. This is where you ‘find your voice’ and become the creative practitioner you really are. Thank you Bennie.

Joanna Brendon, Level 3, London

Bennie’s trainings are always transformational as well as exceptional value in terms of the learning and context. From EFT 3 I am takings away a completely new perspective on my relationship with money. Financial freedom is most definitely now a reality.

Dermot, Level 3, London

I thought that Bennie’s EFT Level 1 & 2 was amazing. Then I came to level 3 and I was blown away. The transformation I’ve experienced this weekend is incredible and it is only just the beginning. I love the way Bennie teaches and facilitates and I feel that any other EFT course wouldn’t have quite the same effect on me.

N Abrahams, Level 3, London

This was my second time attending this course. A lot has changes in the last two years and always more to learn which is why Bennie is the best person to teach. He is constantly learning and teaching most up to date techniques combined with practice.

Vernon Grandison, Level 3, London

Bennie is a fantastic facilitator – keeping it safe whenever difficult stuff comes up – and there was plenty of that!

Carol Percival, Level 3, London

The course was a life enhancing experience. I learnt more about myself in 3 days than I have in the whole of my life.

Martin Bradshaw, Level 3, London

Fun, exciting way to learn and develop myself as a human on the planet. Bennie works in a intelligent, compassionate and interactive way. He is a gift to the world.

Sally Francis, Level 2, London

The course was jam packed with great learning material. I learned a lot about myself and faced even more! I have had a calmer, more specific method of tapping on myself since. Bennie has great ideas for positive thinking and moving into a happier place.

Emma, Level 2, London

This was a fabulous interactive event that I feel highly privileged to have been a part of. Thank you Bennie for making this such a safe place to work with “stuff”.

Carol Percival, Level 2, London

I enjoy Bennie’s energy and enthusiasm and I appreciate the preparation that he always seems to have put in to events he organises.

Paul Erne, Level 2, London

Incredibly dynamic, Bennie comes from a genuine place of love, compassion and enthusiasm. A great place to start a new start with a great teacher.

Harry Sagoo, Level 2, London

For anybody who is looking to find a simple yet profound technique to help in self development or the development of others its a good place to start.

Harry Sagoo, Level 1, London

It was wonderful to be in company of so many loving, caring and compassionate people and to be led in a safe and caring way by such a fabulous teacher. Thank you Bennie.

Carol Percival, Level 1, London

The most pleasing element was the new ability to pass this info on to help others, after day 1 I met a young man at a tube station and managed to light his face up and leave a hug for telling him about EFT. I feel I’ve made friends achieved the door to a new career and new me. I have seen people grow and open up which really prepares me for tapping on others.

Emma L, Level 1, London

Bennie models everything he teaches. He teaches what he believes and knows works. What he believes works. Thank you for Bennie for gently and persistently re-connecting me with the big hearted loving Dave that lies within.

Dave Hampton, Level 1, London

A very safe setting to learn, heal, clear and grow. Bennie is an amazing facilitator and trainer. He holds the space with grace, consideration, humour, wisdom, generousity and love.

Anna Dyson, Level 1, London

Bennie has a nice approach in working with people. The course was well structured.

Trevor, Level 1, London

Bennie’s course is very well structured, but there is also room for serendipity and group dynamics. I’m so grateful and and am now looking forward to Level 2.

Joanna Brendon, Level 1, London

Bennie is authentic and real, warm and compassionate. He holds a secure and comforting space to reach people and instruct and guide with laughter, love and joy. I watched him transform people and lead in a profound way.

Sally Francis, Level 1, London

Exceeded expectations by far. I felt very safe and was warmed by the compassion showed to me through my disability.

Peter Wright, Level 1, London

All I can say is WOW! I was able to work and shift out grown patterns,allowing me to work towards how I always dreamed I could be.WOW, thank you BENNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian, London

I really enjoyed the EFT Level 1 training with Bennie. The course was thorough and included lots of work-shopping to really make the most of the time. I had no experience of EFT before the course and was delighted to come away with a very powerful technique that I’m benefiting from every single day. I would certainly recommend this course to others and I already have!

Daniella, London

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in EFT, Bennie has a very natural way of communicating and encourages you every step of the way by giving you the space that you need. I will certainly be doing level 2 in the new year.

Sylvie, UK

I went on this workshop as I wanted to find out more about EFT for myself and family (rather than as a practitioner) and found it brilliant. I understood far more in 2 days than I ever did reading books and watching EFT trainings on internet. I would now be confident enough to use these techniques on my friends and family, and was amazed when I was the ‘practitioner’ for a trial EFT session, the ‘clients’ strong upsetting feelings about a past event completely went- as did mine when I was the client!  Bennie is also extremely relatable and understanding, and willing to explain any questions you may have, but he also gives you the confidence to act on your new knowledge. If you want to find out more about EFT then I cannot recommend this course enough.


Bennie’s EFT course is challenging, interesting and excitingly effective.

Jacob P

Being a great fan of Bennie. I can only but sing my highest praise – he makes everything easy to both understand, do and apply! You leave elevated and a new person. Yuppi!!!!


I felt very relaxed and comfortable all the way through the experience. I have lots of confidence and belief as I feel he really knows what he is doing. Bennie also has a fab personality which made me feel at ease and helped me to let go of things.


I got an enormous amount of benefit out of this EFT workshop- both professionally and personally and what’s more its a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyable. I left with a sense of excitement and hope!

Anthony Maslvasi

Fantastic start to my new career!

Vernon Grandison

This course covers much much more than the basics of EFT. The value is doubled by the fact that not only did I find out about EFT I also experienced significant shifts personally doing the 1-2-1 EFT exercises and practice sessions.

Dermot Fitzpatrick

Everybody has something emotional to remove. Tapping it out is the way to release it.

Jennifer Davies

I feel myself changing after this course getting to the root of my problems. I am really excited about this and cant wait to study more!

Jayne Betterton

I’ve attending many workshops and Bennie’s EFT course is without a doubt one of the bests that I have been to! He has a great teaching style and spirit that has left me keen to come back and do more!

I have worked in the field of personal development for the past ten years. My motto is ‘if you want to be the best it’s essential to align with the best’. In the field of energy psychology, EFT and life coaching Bennie Naude is your man. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Bennie to anyone who wants to be at the top of their game or who is looking to make profound and long lasting positive changes in their lives.

Dan Hartley

On a personal level, it was a profoundly moving experience. I felt waves of emotion and I think level 1 is a very helpful tool to help clients heal themselves.


I never thought there was so much to EFT – I have found it to be most valuable, exiting and the key to unlock an array of emotional blocks. My interest in EFT has deepened and I should develop this further.

Bart Aftab

Really interesting and powerful training. I have learnt a lot and Bennie is a safe and confident facilitator. He managed to keep it interesting and was always willing to answer questions and explain everything.


A great way to spend a weekend, Bennie is a witty and articulate teacher and his passion for the subject was evident throughout the weekend.


I loved the whole course from start to finish. It was very emotional but I feel like I am on a real journey now. I feel so excited about EFT and can’t wait to find out more.


An emotional and meaningful experience. I have learnt a lot and am eager to do more exploration with the tools you have given me – thank you.

Rosie Ritchie

Very enjoyable course and I learnt a lot. It was engaging and interacting and a good blend of practical and discussion. Highly recommended!

Nigel, Brisbane

Much fun and learning, I’m glad to have come along, thank you!

Jaye, Sydney

A very enjoyable course. I loved it!

Faisal, Sydney

What a great way to spend my weekend! I’ve ended up resolving 2 huge issues from my past and I now look at them in a totally different way. Such a weight lifted from my shoulders. I would recommend everyone do an EFT course.

Veronica, Sydney


Tapping will definitely help me keep calm during exams and help with my weight. The course is honestly worth it!

Michaela, Swaziland

The course helped me to gain confidence in tapping – I felt a real good energy flow. I can now apply it in my personal life to help me cope and also friends & family. For anyone who is thinking about doing it I can only say ‘Do it’.

Ronel, Swaziland

It was a very personal experience & value for money. I LOVE the idea that I can work on myself when the occasion arises and love the fact that my children can do it. It has also made me start working on issues without being scared to work on them. It’s a very gentle type of therapy. It’s amazing how easy & effective the tapping is.

Cara, Swaziland

Gain clarity on issues, just try it!! You will realize how you can shift & change

Tray, Swaziland

Through tapping, I have the power to change my life. Issues big or small, new or old can be resolved, easily and simply! It’s worth the time and money, you can make some very positive changes, very easily!

Ally, Swaziland

Thank you Bennie… I am very grateful for you making it within my “power” to do the course. You are really awesome person. Attending Level 1&2 helped me even more in relation to the work I already do… especially with humans that have experienced “trauma” in their lives = and myself too. It definitely can empower others

Evi, Swaziland

It will help me to deal with issues in a constructive manner, and within a short time frame. I would highly recommend it.

Marcelle, Swaziland

You will experience a definite shift in your life after the four days of the course guaranteed.

I had an incredible experience of a childhood memory which I didn’t even know I had which was related directly to me anxiety and how I treat my children. Within minutes of tapping everything made sense to me. Even though I have had all sorts of other healing therapies done, nothing could tap into these so quickly & directly as EFT did. So I am grateful as now I have let go…

Cara, Swaziland

I gained experience, confidence and learnt to trust people again. I will project these attributes in my day to day life helping me to feel surer of myself. The benefit is forever & far outweighs the money spent.

Ronel, Swaziland

The gains I think are only just beginning. I feel so much lighter & have a sense of freedom to live fuller. In my life I now realise I don’t have to belief so much limiting stuff.

Helen, Swaziland

Thank you Bennie, I am very happy to have attended. It was very interesting to have what I see explained in a different and very sensible way – it has helped me in relation to areas in my own work as a healer / medium. There are issues and phobias that I have been unable to figure out and disintegrate – EFT fills that space. Anyone wondering about taking out 4 days and spending the money I would say that they should definitely give it a try; it makes perfect sense and will prove itself. It works!

Evi, Swaziland


The presentation on the “ABC of doing what you love” to our members really got us all thinking out the box. We are so tied down by daily life issues and perceived stumbling blocks that we don’t often just stop! and think about how to change this pattern. Thank you Bennie, I do think your presentation caused us to do that, just stop! Look within ourselves and do the transformation that you teach – many responded with tears, with a new vision and confidence to go out there and do what they feared they could not. We look forward to learning more from you!

Patti Graham – Fine Women Business Network

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