Hear from others who attended my Matrix Reimprinting Courses

This course helped the therapist side of me to obtain a tool I knew existed and that I will use often. I once again connected with my own missing “aliveness” , and because I have experienced going into my own story, I have developed empathy with clients who have to do their own journeys. Bennie is an excellent trainer. I love his style and his energy – the course is worth every penny.
Grete Becker 

What was of most value to me in this course was the way Bennie demonstrated how to use the technique and that we were then immediately given the opportunity to apply it practically. The bonus sessions where we could experience several different techniques were also valuable.I loved the repetition, repetition and repetition of the most important aspects because it made us feel like experts in no time! I wanted a tool to help clients shift beliefs that no longer serve them and with the matrix training I got exactly that. It also helped me shift personal beliefs that will enable me to provide a better service to clients and have a happier, more fulfilling life. Bennie invests so much of himself in his training that it is an absolute gift to train with him. The skills you gain and the personal shifts you experience, are priceless. Thank you for the effort you made to come to Pretoria and for sharing your resources and experience so freely.
Sharon Stobbia
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Matrix Reimprinting was phenomenal. For me to be able to go back to traumatic memories that I have carried all my life, and change the way I feel when thinking about those memories is a life changer. I am blown away that I was able to redesign experiences from my early life into empowering and positive memories. With those changes I feel the difference in my energy levels and sense of possibility about things. I am more confident, and have a strong sense of being able to do what I need to do for success.This was time and money incredibly well spent. As someone who runs my own business and has a family I have very little time. And yet the consequences of the Matrix Reimprinting experience are so far reaching, powerful and life changing that I can think of nothing else that would be even  close to the value in terms of spending the same time and money.
Linden Booth

I had an one hour session with Bennie and immediately noticed the shifts. That very evening I sat down and made changes to my coaching agreement, that I’ve been thinking of for months, but was too afraid about how my coaches would react. Those things were really frustrating me and taking the enjoyment out of my coaching, but I never had the confidence to make the changes to suit me. I also noticed a difference on how I felt going in to the coaching session. After my session with Bennie, I noticed a confidence to just show up and be present for my coaching. Before I felt I had to have all the answers and follow the model as prescribed (quite a burden I put on myself and what a relief to let it go.) Another shift took me by surprise when I suddenly found myself saying to my client : ”I don’t invoice you. This is a trust relationship. If you haven’t paid me by a certain date, I will assume you are no longer satisfied with my services.” Hearing myself say that almost freaked me out! And what surprised me more, was the reaction of my clients. They were fine with that and I don’t have to chase the money anymore. I can just do what I love i.e. coach for change. Another big obstacle to my business success disappeared when I saw a difference in the type of clients I was attracting. These were the people I wanted to work with. No more agonizing about a niche. My niche found me. Thank you, dear Bennie.
Sharon Stobbia

Matrix is a powerful tool that will change your outlook and perception of experiences past, present and future. The course also helped me become confident in applying the technique.
Hannelie van Zyl

The knowledge that I gained on the Matrix Reimprinting course is more infinite than money – it’s priceless!

This course is invaluable; make a plan and do it!
Jeanne Booth

This course made me believe in myself and I now know that I can change for the good and there are no issues that are too big to change. Just do it! It is more than you think and it is life changing.
Froneman Jacobs

I was able to re-programme many beliefs along my way in learning the technique.. If you want your life to change – do Matrix Reimprinting.
Astrid Tworeck- Titley

This course helped me to deal with some core issues in my life and create a new positive picture of myself – which I like! I now have the courage to make the changes that I have been wanting to make and it has given me more confidence, both personally and professionally. It’s worth every bit of time and money!
Raven Sue Sklair

The Matrix course taught me a fabulous effective process that I can use on myself and my clients. I feel I have shifted lots of my own obstructive beliefs and memories.Even if you don’t work with clients it’s worth it for you personally
Lauren Sweet

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