Can Matrix Reimprinting Be Effective in the Treatment of Emotional Conditions in a Public Health Setting? Results of a U.K. Pilot Study

Citation (APA Style): Stewart, A., Boath, E., Carryer, A., Walton, I., Hill, L., Phillips, D. & Dawson, K. (2013). Can Matrix Reimprinting using EFT be effective in the treatment of emotional conditions in a public health setting? Results of a UK pilot study. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment , 5(1), 13–31.


Objectives: This pilot study was carried out to establish the feasibility and effectiveness of Matrix Reimprinting (MR). A dedicated MR/ Emotional Freedom Techniques service was delivered in a community setting within the National Health Service in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell, United Kingdom. Method: Over a 15-month period, the study followed clients accessing the service for a range of emotional conditions. At the start and end of their treatment, clients were asked to complete the CORE–10 (psychological distress; main outcome variable), Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS; mental well-being), Rosenberg Self Esteem and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS; anxiety and depression) measurement scales.

Results: 24 clients were included in the MR pilot study, and the mean number of sessions attended was 8.33 (Mdn = 6.5). There were both statistically and clinically significant improvements for CORE–10 (52% change, p < .001), Rosenberg Self-Esteem (46% change, p < .001), HADS Anxiety (35% change, p = .007), and HADS total score (34% change, p = .011) and a statistically significant improvement for WEMWBS (30% change, p < .001). All MR clients showed clinical improvements.

Conclusions: Despite the limited sample size and other limitations, significant improvements were shown. The results support the potential of MR as a cost-effective treatment to reduce the burden of a range of physical and psychological disorders. Further larger studies are called for, with protocols to minimize dropouts.

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