What is EFT?

The meridian points in our body are like the electrical outlets in our homes and the meridian lines are like the wiring that connects them.

If the wires in your home got cut or blocked then electricity can’t flow through them and your electrical appliances or lights won’t work. It’s the same with us – if the energy flows in our bodies get disrupted or blocked in any way then we start feeling unwell and left untended, this could manifest as physical disease or pain, or emotional discomfort such as fears, phobias,  anxiety, stress and depression.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a technique that uses our body’s natural ability to heal itself by (literally) tapping into the body’s energy system to release ‘energetic blocks’. It combines body/Mind science with acupuncture (without needles).  As you tap into your central nervous system and your body starts re-balancing itself, energy flows freely and you get well again.

What proof is there that EFT works?

Other than the 10’s of thousands pieces of anecdotal evidence plastered all over the web and over 100 testimonials on my website, you mean?

Click here for a variety of studies and published papers.

You may also want to read Genie in Your Genes by Dr Dawson Church and The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton.


What can EFT help for?

In a nutshell, everything.  It does not matter whether the problem is psychosomatic, ‘real’, medical, emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual.

It does not matter how long you’ve had it, how many other therapies you’ve tried or who said what.

Click here for case studies to see what is possible.

Click here for testimonials to hear what others say.

Will EFT work for me?

No matter who says what, the only honest answer to that question is ‘I don’t know’.

EFT often works where nothing else will; it does not work for everyone on everything.

Click here for case studies to see what is possible.

Click here for testimonials to hear what others say.

I've tried EFT and it hasn't worked - why?

Here are some common reasons why EFT sometimes does not work:

  • it was applied unskillfully (The Basic Recipe and ‘general tapping’ is not necessarily the best approach to some issues; that’s why there are a variety of EFT courses out there)
  • dehydration – make sure you drink water before, during and after tapping sessions
  • psychological reversal – unless you clear out the 5 most common psychological reversals (a sense that it may be impossible to overcome the issue, a sense of it not being safe to overcome the issue, being too angry to let it go, identifying with the issue, or believing/feeling that you don’t deserve to be over the problem) and others, EFT may not work, or you may not see lasting results

There are a myriad of other solutions like resolving primary and secondary gains, and using different tapping points and techniques (covered in EFT Courses).

Make sure you work with the best of the best, to get the help you deserve.  Click here to work with me.

FAQ and info about Courses

For more information and FAQ about courses, click here

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