Just in from my friends Sue and Emma from The EFT Centre:

A wonderful FREE opportunity for anyone involved in any way with cancer, either as a practitioner or a sufferer or carer

Our colleague, Lindsay Kenny, in the US, is offering this exciting tele-seminar series to support cancer patients and their carers with the tapping.  For anyone interested in this very rewarding and much needed area this is an opportunity not to be missed!  As you know, this is an area we at The iEFT Centre are passionate about and we are thrilled that Lindsay and her colleagues have put this together.  Please listen in!

Announcement: Project Giving Hope
International tele-seminar series for cancer patients and their caregivers

Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning August 24th
Times: 9:00pm EDT (NY time) Location: Anywhere in the world where there’s a phone!

Note: If you cannot attend the sessions live, you can still listen to a recorded
version later by registering now.Read more and register now!  www.ProjectGivingHope.com

Project Giving Hope team members, all tapping experts, are offering a six-week, 12-class tele-seminar series, free to participants.  The mission of this project is to help cancer victims and their caregivers better deal with the challenges they face daily.  During the 12 part tele-seminars participants will learn how to use simple, yet highly effective tapping techniques (such as EFT) to alleviate fears , eliminate emotional blocks to healing, increase coping skills and move forward with confidence and hope.
If you or a family member is suffering from cancer, whether newly-diagnosed or post-treatment, these tele-seminar sessions can be a vital, empowering, component for self-healing. Knowing  how to best support the body to heal can make a significant difference in a patient’s rapid recovery.
*Project Giving Hope is affiliate with the parent program of “Project Helping Hand” sponsored by Pro EFT and Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master.  “Project Giving Hope” is being undertaken by Pro EFT post-graduates and certified practitioners with the intention of bringing the healing art of tapping to those who have been diagnosed with cancer.  This project is provided pro-bono (free) to the participants.
Project Giving Hope is not intended to replace medical treatment, and medical advice will not be given.  This tele-seminar series is intended to support participants to heal safely and more quickly by dealing with emotional blocks and instilling confidence and optimism in patients and their caregivers.  Medical information will be provided by oncologist, Thelma Jones MD, to maximise the results of the process and encourage healthy habits.
Sue Beer & Emma Roberts
The iEFT Centre Ltd

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