Welcome to part 13 in this series to get “back on track” with your health, exercise, spending more time with your kids, or whatever you’d like to get “back on track” with. Following the steps, step by step, will help you get back on track with anything from your health, wealth, well-being, relationships or career.eft-tapping-points

Tap on the tapping points in diagram as you read; it’ll help things to shift, and settle.

If you’re new to this series, you can catch up here:

Following the steps, step by step, will help you get back on track with anything from your health, wealth, well-being, relationships or career.

Today I’m sharing another guiding principle for you to keep in mind as you go about your life, getting (and staying) on track; remember that it’s totally up to you to choose your tracks – it’s your life, it’s very likely you’ll only get one shot at it this time around, and you can choose to live it the way you want to – so choose wisely!

I keep drawing on analogies from my gym sessions; even if you hate working out, know that it’s not really about that (going to the gym); it’s about drawing from it what you can, and applying it in your particular situation.


Support accountability is one of the most powerful tools you can possibly introduce into your life.

Is has been scientifically proven that when we commit to something in writing, that we are more likely to follow through.  It has also been proven that when we are witnessed making a commitment, we are even more likely to follow through.

Here’s how I use this to help me.

Once I get clear on what I want to do (e.g. to meditate 15 minutes a day, 5 days out of 7, for the next week), I will either phone or email a friend and share my promise with them, or put it somewhere public or semi-public like Facebook or a forum that I’m part of. 

I also often ask a friend if I could let them know every day that I’ve done it, and for them to check in with me if they hadn’t heard from me for a day; that way I set myself up for complete support.

Having made that promise to others and not wanting to break it or let them down has helped me carry through many of my promises when I really, really, really didn’t’ fee like doing it!

Choose wisely; find yourself an accountability support partner that you trust and that will support you (i.e. not talk you out of it, or judge you, or tell you they’ll check in with you and then they don’t).


Who will you share your commitment for the next week with?

What are you committing to that person(s)? 

When will you reach out to them and ask them for their support?


You may think that soon you’ll print this article, and the whole series.  Then you’ll print the rest, and put it all in a file.  Then you’ll work your way through it all and start implementing it all.

The thing is, the only time you ever have is NOW. 

Why not simply take ONE idea from this article, and implement it RIGHT NOW?

At risk of provoking you into action, I think, either do that or stop pretending that you want what you say you want….

No-one can do this for you, no-one is coming to rescue you and here’s the shocker: no-one cares whether you are overweight, or stuck, or depressed, or whether you procrastinate. 

But if YOU care and you’re willing to start changing, then just DO it.  No more books, no waiting for the next delivery in this series, no more ‘if/then’ thinking and more excuses, defences and justifications for putting it off.

JUST DO IT (or, as per Step 1, decide that you don’t want to do it.  Either way is fine but please – for your own sake, just decide already, will you?)


Jack Canfield tells the story of when he told a fitness coach that he wanted to get fit.  The coach told him, over the phone, to put the phone down and do a few push-ups, right there.  Jack first thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t; there is great wisdom in this.

I wrote about it last time – about going out to buy a new gym-kit, journal, or book, food, or whatever you tell yourself you need before you can start. Usually it’s just a trick of the mind to procrastinate.

Think again – just start now, with something small, simple or even symbolic.  Want to write a book?  Find a piece (any piece!) of paper and write for 5 or 10 minutes now, today.  Want to start meditating? Take time right now, even if it’s for a few minutes. Want to eat healthier?  Throw out the junk food NOW (not when you’ve finished the last pack of crisps) and drink a glass of water – now.  Want to start exercising?  Walk around the block today, now – not next weekend when you may perhaps possibly find your way to join the gym.

Whatever you want to start doing, you can start now.  And as things go, now isn’t’ just the best time to start anything, but it’s also the only time.


Make a list of desires that you’ve not started with yet.

For each one, identify 3 things you can do TODAY.  (Yes, you can; if you’re not sure what to do, that’s ok; ask yourself ‘What can I do about this TODAY’ – and see how the answer comes to you;  if you’re really stuck, write to me and I’ll respond when I’m back from holiday).

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