Changing beliefs: 02 – Temporal Tapping

How to use temporal tapping to install new, positive and affirming beliefs:

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5 Responses to Changing beliefs: 02 – Temporal Tapping

  1. LAURA CONDIE says:

    I have been doing this temporal tapping for about 3 weeks but not really feeling much relief. I have had anxiety/depression issues on and off all of my adult life. I finally thought I had it licked before it reared its ugly head in June of this year. I’ve tried a ton of things. I think it comes down to a self love/inner security thing that I start looking at trying to get from my spouse or outside of me which gets me wound up tighter and tighter and spirals the same old thought pattern when originally it starts out that I just need to find a way to be happy within.
    Anyway, I just watched your video and I will keep on going using your technique. Donna Eden doesn’t get into it in this much detail but perhaps I would benefit from it. thanks for listening

    • Bennie Naude says:

      Hi Laura,

      This technique is super effective for changing BELIEFS, not so much FEELINGS. If you are using it to change the BELIEFS that are causing your anxiety and depression and after 3 weeks you’re not feeling much relief I suggest that you dig for other beliefs because the ones you’re tapping on are probably not the ones causing your anxiety and depression.

      All the best and well done on persisting!!

  2. LAURA CONDIE says:

    Hi Bennie, I appreciate you responding to me. I read a little further on your website yesterday and you mentioned if you don’t think anything will work it most likely won’t which is very much me I think. So I’m tapping in the left side I no longer choose to believe that nothing ever will release the anxiety/depression issue, on the right I put Ichoose to believe that I am balanced, at ease and have a love of life. I feel a little better today than yesterday and I so appreciate your well wishes and hoping things continue to shift. thanks, Laura

  3. Bennie Naude says:

    Sounds great Laura – and if those positive beliefs are too much of a stretch, you may even start with ‘I choose to believe that I CAN BE balanced, get better, etc’ or ‘..that it is possible for me to be balanced’.

    Well done for persisting!!

    All the best

  4. Laura Hiner says:

    Hi, Laura, I’m a big fan of Donna Eden. You might benefit from checking out my website and technique, as well. All best wishes.

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