• Do you ever wonder if everything is really possible?
  • Do you believe that ‘stuff just happens’ and is it your experience that life is something that happens ‘TO’ you’?
  • Do you think that ‘anything is possible’ means that you must be able to do everything?

Of course I cannot prove I that anything is possible, just like I cannot prove that the sun will come up tomorrow.  I do, however, find both these beliefs useful and empowering!

A short while ago I found myself running 4 websites, 2 membership programmes, hosting multiple webinars, training events and workshops, doing private client sessions as well as doing most of the ‘behind the scenes’ admin in my business.

Then a single question by a friend led me to close down 2 of those sites. Shortly after, I appointed more people to help me run things. Then someone’s comment on the importance of being focused led me to stop doing client sessions and webinars.

These decisions weren’t easy. I love doing webinars, client sessions. Stopping these activities was a like cutting out parts of me and my mind was asking ‘Yes but what about the countless hours you put into those projects Bennie, and the love and passion that went into them? What about the people you used to help? What about the lost income?’

The more I asked myself ‘What do I TRULY love to do more than anything else’, the more things I cut out, the more I was able to focus on one area, the more things started flowing as a result, and the easier it become.

I finally realized that ‘Anything is possible’ doesn’t mean that you can do everything. By yourself. At the same time!

Since I’ve started saying ‘no’ to these activities and was able to focus more on my first love – training – doors and opportunities have opened that I could not even have imagined even a few short weeks ago. When I look back now it all seems so obvious!!

If you find yourself thinly spread, engaged in too many activities, frustrated or exhausted, or if you’ve been unable to become successful at something that you truly love, how about taking a risk, following your heart, and starting to cut other activities – even if it’s a bit scary, and risky?

Remember this simple truth: every nanosecond that you spend doing something else, is a nanosecond away from your passion and your dream.

Remember that no-one is coming to rescue you and that your life is unlikely to change ‘as if by magic’ unless you change.

As always, the best (and the only) time to change is NOW.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Where are you putting your attention today?

What are you ready and willing to say ‘No more’ to, so that you can say ‘Yes!!!!’ to your passion and your life?

Let me know how it goes!!

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