12 May

I arrived in Ireland yesterday to co-lead a men’s training event. Last month I spent a wonderful month in South Africa with friends and family and also got to co-lead training events in Cape Town and Johannesburg and then, on my return to the UK, I facilitated an intensive home retreat for friends. Last weekend I taught a class on facilitation skills in Edinburgh.

You may be wondering why am I telling you this.

It is because the one thing that all these events had in common, was that I loved doing them. It’s not that they were OK, or so-so, I mean, I really loved doing them and in fact, I almost had the sense that they were doing me! And so, especially over the last few days I realise more than ever before the importance of doing what you love.

Now of course it wasn’t always that way for me! Until 2 short years ago I worked in a corporate environment which, even though it paid me very well and I got to work and live around the world, did not nourish my soul. I got by, but being the person I am, I sacrificed a part of me by not spending more time doing what I love.

Like you, perhaps, I had a lot of reasons to stay where I was; the usual ‘One day…’ [One day I’ll do what I love…] ‘What if’ [What if it doesn’t work out?] and ‘Yes but’ [Yes but I don’t have what it takes to do something else…].

Sometimes it’s really difficult for us to let go of the familiar; yet, in my experience, it is essential that we do – if where we are and what we’re doing is no longer an expression of who we are. And so, yet again I have decided to let go of what is familiar; this will very likely be my last newsletter for a while as I continue to travel the world and work on a new project. I’ll announce more details later, let’s just say for now that a monkey is involved, and he is laughing 🙂

I have also decided to bring to a close all my current 1-2-1 client commitments and not to take on any more clients; the ‘contact me’ page on my website has been updated to reflect this, and I have provided there contact details of other practitioners that I trust.

So until we talk again, my best wishes and happy tapping!

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