Every year my dad sends my brother, my sisters and me a New Year’s message.

Both my brother and I have lived abroad for many years now and we’re both heading out to South Africa next year to be together as a family, so in this year’s message my dad shared how excited he was about spending time with all 4 his children again because “there are only so many ‘next times’ in a life-time.”

That sentence stopped me in my tracks; of course we all know (or at least, suspect!) that, sometime in the future, one of our breaths will be our last one; we just don’t know when that will be and we seem to forget that every now and again and live as if we’ll be here forever – putting off those things that are really important to us.

Now I’m not going to suggest that you pick up the phone and call that someone you’ve been meaning to call.  I’m not going to prescribe forgiveness for whatever ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) did to you, even though you are the one to benefit the most from any such forgiveness).

I’m not even going to tell you to stop smoking or start exercising, to stop to smell the roses or to do more things that make you heart sing, and I’m definitely not going to tell you to or to use the special china or wine glasses, wear the special earrings or buy the more expensive chocolate next time; your inbox has probably already started filling up with those messages.

My message is more important than that because everything else is secondary.

Sometimes people get a clear message that their ‘next times’ may be limited, like a friend in Australia who was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at age 42.

The truth is that no matter how healthy or sick you are, you cannot know how many “next times” there will be for you, and whatever your beliefs are around heaven, hell, reincarnation etc, I wager that this lifetime, in this way, will only come around once – NOW.

Plain and simple, you cannot know how many ‘next times’ there will be.

So here’s the one thing that I will ask of you:

Whatever your dreams are, whatever you’d love to be, do or have in your life, can you at least be open to the possibility that the only reason you have those longings is because they are possible?  That you CAN create them?  Even if you don’t know how?

Can you, will you, please, stop arguing for your limitations about why you can’t be, do or have what you want in your life?

I always considered myself quite smart, yet I did exactly that – arguing for my limitations – for most of my life and yet was still surprised by the crappy results I got!  Simply deciding to believe that anything I can conceive of is really possible has changed my life beyond all recognition and I highly recommend it!

You see, and if you’ve been reading me for a while you’d have heard this before – no-one is coming to rescue you (nor can anyone). (Click here for an article I wrote about this).

The ball is really in your court (it always has been and always will be, even when you want to blame others, or life, or circumstances, or God) and the solution at your very fingertips.
And once you get how powerful you are – that you can create anything your heart desire, well let’s just say that that changes your life experience in a way that words cannot describe.

It’s been said in thousands of way over thousands of years: so within, so without.  Your outside world is a 100% true reflection of what’s on your inside and this is phenomenal news for you because it means that whatever you create on the inside will come to pass – it must!

Something else that you’ve always had and always will have is free will; I hope that you choose wisely!


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