I’m currently visiting friends just outside of Uki in Northern New South Wales in Australia – here is my view as I’m writing this:

I’ve just run the first ever Creating Wealth From the Inside Out’ workshop in Sydney, based on the principles of my very successful Money Making Moves programme, and the feedback was great!

“I came home on Sunday night on a real high.  I had 4 more people enrol in my EFT workshop and 2 new clients ring me to book in.  I kept saying to myself that I can’t believe this is happening. Then I would stop myself and tell myself “Of course you can – you expected and knew all this would happen!” Tuesday morning I went to one of my networking breakfast meetings. As it was my turn to do a presentation I told them about how I had spent a fabulous weekend with an amazing man (you) and no, it wasn’t my husband, and yes, there were other people there (well that got their attention!). I couldn’t contain my excitement when telling them what I had experienced over the weekend. I have today been to another networking event and had people comment on how great I look – I am just glowing, how fabulous I look (I know this!) etc etc. I had another 2 new people have booked in to my EFT workshop, and a new client ring and book in today.  Any wonder I am on a high!!!!” Rhonda Rolfe, Australia

My friends here live on a lovely and welcoming house on 20 acres of beautiful woods and forest.  They’re 100% self-sufficient in terms of electricity and water (they use solar power and fresh rainwater) to the extent that they aren’t even connected to the grid or main water supply!

We’ve been having fresh salad and herbs straight from the garden, witnessed exquisite sunrises on Mount Warning (the first part of Australia that the sun reaches during winter), an abundance of birdlife and sounds and my biggest pleasure treasure, a teepee in the woods that I sleep in; there’s just something special about drifting off at night surrounded by nature and waking up, opening your eyes and seeing the blue skies above!  I’m also very proud of myself that despite nervousness around spiders, I’ve been quite calm around the ones that occasionally visit!

I’ve cycled the 7 km into town a couple of times, over small bridges surrounded by tranquil Australian countryside, horses, cows and goats meandering through the fields, little river streams flowing to who-knows-where and dwellings that without fail evoke a sigh from my body, as if it were to say “Home!”

You’re probably thinking ‘Lucky them!’, and a lot of people would think them lucky.

The thing is, it has nothing to do with luck.

They arrived in Australia years ago with very little money but with a very clear vision – they knew exactly how and where they wanted to live, down to the views they wanted to have from a house.  They wrote about it, talked about it and imagined it.

Did they know how they were going to do it? No.  [In fact, they didn’t even know this house or these exquisite views existed until they ‘stumbled upon it’ and then when they did, found that the views match exactly those they’d imagined!]

Did they ‘know people’? No.

Did they win the lottery or inherit a lot of money? No.

Are they smarter than you, or more educated? Well they’re two pretty intelligent people but the last time I checked they weren’t t-shirt wearing members of Mensa.

What I’m saying is, they’re people just like you and me.

You see, once they were clear on where and how they wanted to live (and after they began journaling about it and imagining it) things started happening; things they could not have planned even if they tried; things that you might call ‘coincidences’, ‘synchronicities’ or ‘luck’.

Now they didn’t just one day woke up in the house of their dreams as if by magic; they had to overcame numerous obstacles, setbacks and disappointments.  They had many opportunities to throw in the towel, to say “Well we tried, it didn’t work out’ or ‘What were we thinking!” but they chose to persist in believing in their dreams, and to keep taking action.  And then, one day, they did wake up in the house of their dreams, as if by magic!

So you see, when it’s all said and done, them living in their dream house has nothing to do with luck.

It has everything to do with creating wealth from the inside out.  They first imagined (on the ‘inside’) exactly what they wanted, and by doing so, created it on the ‘outside’.

And as I love reminding you, so can you and so can anyone who wants to.

All you need is

  • be clear on what you want and imagine it often and in detail
  • believe that it is possible
  • keep taking action

If you imagine it long enough, it will happen.

And yes, it is really as simple as that.

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