I’m writing this from New Jersey in the USA where I’m visiting my brother and his family. My last month in Australia was rich, full and rewarding, with numerous exciting miracles (“an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment”); I created 3 training events in the last 2 weeks and since, of all the things I do I absolutely love training the most, it created a lot of joy, love and well-being in my life.  Being so creative I’m finally beginning to understand what the ‘create your own reality’ fuss is all about!

I chose ‘nobody is coming’ as a topic for this edition because I’ve heard from a few clients recently that they don’t have the time, the energy, or the will to do what they know will help them.  Over time I have seen many a client that would show up for therapy or coaching sessions but not do anything to help themselves between sessions; I, of course, have done exactly the same at certain times in my own life!

Because I think it’s critical that everyone truly understand that they are absolutely responsible for their own thoughts, feelings and actions (which either leads to well-being or being unwell) I have started providing clients with customised exercises, specifically tailored for them.

What I find very, very strange is that the majority don’t do the exercises; instead they keep doing the same thing they’ve always done and yet seem somehow baffled or frustrated when they get the same results or don’t feel better.

We all know that EFT often produces miraculous results; and sometimes it’s just not enough by itself.  Fact!

In Part 1 of the 3-part series on a holistic approach to healing you will find exercises that work.  As the ‘body’ component of a mind, body and spirit approach to creating the life you want, these exercises have helped me turn my life around, and the life of others who apply them.

If your life is already the way you want it, great!

If however, your life is not the way you want it to be – if you’re not totally fulfilled and joyous and passionate about life – then you have a choice (you always do); you can read about the exercises, think ‘Ah, that’s nice’ and think you’ll do them sometime (read: ‘never’) or maybe you’ll convince yourself that you’d like to do them but that you are too busy, tired, stressed, or sick.

That’s OK, as long as you understand that NO-ONE IS COMING TO RESCUE YOU.  No-one.  Friends, family or healers can help you for sure, but in the end it’s up to you to create your own happiness; and no, I’m not saying ‘just snap out of it’ (I remember when I used to say ‘If I hear that ‘happiness is a choice; one more time…!!!) . I am saying that the first step towards creating the happiness that you say you want is to start taking the steps towards it; incorporating these exercises into your daily life (and combining them with the mind and spirit exercises that I’ll write about later) for at least a month there is every possibility that you will feel better about yourself and about life.  And I can pretty much guarantee you that if you don’t do them, they won’t work for you.

Being too busy, tired, stressed or sick is exactly the reason to do the exercises because they will help you move out of your current creation of life and move towards something better, happier and healthier.

The same goes for that dream you keep putting off:  losing weight, being healthier, making more money or following your dreams; none of these things are likely to happen while you keep watching 6 hours of TV every night or commuting time reading the (mostly) negative stuff in newspapers.

So, as the saying goes (and I’m saying with all the compassion I can muster) pee or get off the pot, that is, do what you know will help you (the exercises I suggest here or find your own) or stop claiming that you want things to change because NOBODY IS COMING TO RESCUE YOU.

If this upsets you – good; if It wakes you up or inspires you to take action – even better!

I’ve had my share of being in a dark hole and waiting for something or someone to rescue me; today I am eternally grateful that I had to find the will inside myself to start creating a life I love, doing what I love!

In the end, I found that I had everything inside me that I needed and so do you – whatever your current situation.

Blessings and happy tapping!

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