It’s hard when the way others are, upsets us – especially when we are close to them, love them, live or work with them.

Doing nothing and hoping that they’ll somehow change and be different rarely produces results.  

If you do talk to them and they are unwilling to change or do not seem to understand where you’re coming from – it hurts more and often leads to (even more) conflict.

Either way, as they keep doing what they’re doing, you end up feeling resentful.

The fact is that you, like every other person on this planet, have emotional triggers.

When those triggers are activated,

  1. willpower leaves the room
  2. the emotional parts of your brain take over and
  3. you do not have access to all your mental or intellectual faculties.

That’s why we often do or say things in the heat of the moment that we regret later; we aren’t logical beings – we’re emotional ones. 

Just because you cannot control what happens when your triggers are activated doesn’t mean that you are a victim, nor does it give you an excuse to manipulate or emotionally blackmail or hurt others.  

The truth is that you have no power over your boss, your partner, family or in-laws – or their behavior. As long as you point the finger at them or want them to change, you’ll remain a victim and you’ll keep feeling resentful; think about it.

Blaming yourself isn’t helping you either and talking yourself into feeling better about it – or having a few glasses of wine to numb the pain, hoping that things would be better tomorrow isn’t the solution either.

Tomorrow is never different unless you are, and your resentment won’t just fade away ‘as if by magic’, no matter how many times you promise yourself that you’re going to ‘get over it’ and won’t get upset by them again. (good luck with that one!)

There is another way.

Whatever your relationship situation, if you feel stuck or in crises, RRR can help you get back on track, find out what’s really going on for you, and help you resolve the conflict the only way that matters – inside of you.

This requires taking full responsibility for your part in creating the conflict in the first place, so if you’d rather keep pointing fingers at others, wanting them to be different than they are, good luck with that and you may want to give RRR a miss.

RRR is designed to help you set yourself free from the stuckness of relationship conflict and will teach you simple yet profound tools to help dissolve your relationship conflict.

If you are ready to take your power back and to start resolving your relationship conflict the only way you ever can – from the inside out – RRR is for you and will:

  • help you understand how you co-created the situation 
  • empower you to see that you are 100% responsible for resolving your resentment (because until you do, you cannot really be in relationship)
  • and teach how exactly how to do that

Furthermore, it’ll show you why you are really as upset as you are – it’s most probably not for the reason you think you are) so that you can heal and change it.

Ultimately, RRR will help you move from resentment and into relationship.

  • Do you feel hopeless because it doesn’t matter what you do, the same ‘stuff’ between you and your partner (or boss, or brother) keep coming up again and again – and again?
  • Do you feel disempowered, misunderstood, unsupported and unheard at home, at work or with your friends?
  • Are you angry because you feel betrayed, let down, or emotionally abused?
  • Do you feel frustrated, lonely or stuck because you just don’t know how what else to do or which way to turn?
  • Do some of your reactions seem out of proportion to what’s happening, even to you?

“My resentment was 1000 to start. I am now struggling to feel resentment at all!”

“A type of freedom; a totally new experience for me to feel compassion for both of us.” 

“I’m just seeing what happened for what it was, with no emotional charge.”

RRR is a practical and experiential programme that consists of:

  • a 2-hour preview MP3/Audio to get you started 
  • 6 module calls – that’s over 11 hours of MP3/Audio with specific guided exercises to help you resolve your resentment towards that someone
  • Modules 01 – 06 also include the transcripts so you can print the content to work through it

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RRR: From resentment to rich and rewarding relationships

It's common for us to feel resentment towards our partners, parents, siblings, friends or workmates.

Most people either confront the other person, or try to ignore it; both of these approaches often have very painful consequences for everyone involved.

Here is an unusual, different and effective way for you to release that resentment; a way that moves beyond being 'right' or 'wrong' - into peace and acceptance.

“My resentment was 1000 to start. I am now struggling to feel resentment at all!”
“A type of freedom; a totally new experience for me to feel compassion for both of us.”
“I feel compassion and empathy now; I have a glimpse of why she does that stuff and why I resent her actions.”
“I’m just seeing what happened for what it was, with no emotional charge."

Actively engaging you through EFT (tapping), this course guides you through every facet of your resentment and help you understand and resolve it.

RRR comprises of over 13 hours of recorded guided material for you to download to resolve your resentment in the privacy of your own home; also included are slides and transcriptions, so you can use the techniques with yourself and others, again and again - and again - when you need it.

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