Recommended Reading by Category

Recommended Reading – Self-help

Self-help books got a bad name somewhere in the last decade or two – maybe because some of them … well … didn’t help. Or because people expected to find a life-change in between the covers of a book without actually having to do anything themselves. Either way, here are some that I found very useful on my path – enjoy!

Recommended Reading – Fiction

I love reading fiction – it’s often part of my dream weekend-getaway or holiday. Here are some of my favourite fiction writers – enjoy!

Recommended Reading – Inspirational

I think that to be inspired is a basic human need and that unless we expose ourselves to inspiration from outside, eventually we’ll dry up (in more ways than one). Here are my favourite inspirational authors and writers – may they inspire you, too.

Recommended Reading – Spiritual

Spirituality isn’t something separate from us, or something we ‘do’; it is who we ‘are. Here are some of my favourite spiritual books and authors.

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