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RecommendationsMy favourite books, movies, software and servicesReviews**
BlogsA range of my blogs, on a range of topics for you to pick and choose fromBlogs**
A Good Day with David Steindl-RastA profoundly beautiful way to look at today, at now, at life. "Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes to open..."Video**
A Holistic Approach to Well-beingA 4-part series towards improved health of mind, body and spiritArticles**
A more effective way of helping others who are going through a tough timeAn useful way to help others that are going through a tough timeVideo**
EFT Tapping**
The benefits of Matrix ReimprintingKarl Dawson explains the benefits of Matrix ReimprintingVideo**
Bisexuality and PsychologyA thought provoking read on the fascinating (and often misunderstood) topic of bi-sexuality, by Albert LundeArticle**
Bullying in the Workplace, By Aryanne OadeAn in-depth article by workplace bullying specialist Aryanna OadeArticle**
Caroline Nairn, psychotherapist, on doing her PhD in EFT, and using it with clientsBennie interviews Caroline Nairn, psychotherapist from the UK, on doing her PhD on EFT, and using it with clients MP3/Audio**
Change your health (and life) with AlgaeDr Kate James shares the therapeutic properties of edible algae for the promotion of health and support of diseasePDF**
Changing BeliefsYour beliefs are VERY powerful and have a massive (and usually unconscious) impact on your life. Here are 5 ways to identify and change them.Videos**
EFT Tapping**
Coming outComing out can be a very painful experience - help is here. Free webinar download.MP3/Audio**
EFT Tapping**
Dealing with extreme and complex issues with EFTEFT is much more than a simple self-help tool. Learn more about tapping with complex and extreme issues; by Gillian Wightman and Lindsay KennyArticle**
DeepLiving Community SupportAfter training-support is at least as important as the course itself. 2015 is my year of actively giving back even more to those who studied with me; check it out!Support, encouragement, mentoring, live calls, and more
Depression: Healing it with EFT TappingHealing Depression With EFT TappingArticle**
Free E-course**
Discharging the freeze (trauma) responseKarl Dawson discusses Dr Bob Scaer's explanation of the 'freeze response' related to trauma-release, and why it is so importantVideo**
EFT Applications for Addictions and Eating DisordersFor those already trained in (or very familiar with) EFT, Masha Bennet sets out a practical path to help those with addictions and eating disordersPDF**
EFT meets The Sedona MethodAn interview with Gemma Keany about how The Sedona Method and EFT complements each other and work together very beautifully.Video**
EFT Tapping Mentoring and Practice CallsEFT Tapping, mentoring and practice callsMP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Eliminate 'It's not possible' from your vocabularyYour beliefs affect, and in some ways create, your reality. Therefore, if you insist that something is not possible for you, and will 'never' happen, well, you'll probably be right.
Arguing for your limitations only take you further away from your dreams, and you're the only one that can change it; here's how.
EFT Tapping
Eliminate your limiting beliefs about moneyIt's kinda simple; your limiting beliefs about money affects your bank balance. It doesn't matter whether you learnt them from your parents, or the media, or your friends; all that matters is that, if you want to be wealthier you're going to have to change your beliefs about money. Here's how.MP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
EFT and other Energy Psychology ResearchVarious publications on EFT and other Energy Psychology ResearchArticles**
Food cravings and weight lossAn overview of what causes food cravings and what is really preventing you from being at your ideal weightArticle**
Forgive: Release and let go - forgive yourself and others (or stay stuck)Forgiveness is widely misunderstood. Despite our intention to protect ourselves from further hurt, or to punish or 'get back at' those that hurt us, the truth is that holding on to grudges and past hurts is a sure way to stay stuck ourselves. If you think you deserve better than this, download thisMP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Forgiveness: why it helps YOUThe one to benefit the most from any act of forgiveness is the one doing the forgiveness. Find out why.Video**
Gary Williams Interviews Bennie Naude on the effect of our beliefs on our healthGary Williams Interviews Bennie Naude about how your beliefs affect your health, and how you can use EFT to change them.Video clips**
Having more of what you wantMaybe you've noticed that most people do not have what they want. Ever wondered why - and what to do about it? Find out in this 8 part series.Video**
How to be a real manBennie interviewed by Damien Senn on men's work and what it really means to be a man in today's world.MP3/Audio**
How your beliefs affect your healthKirsten Faiez and Bennie Naude explains how your beliefs affect your health, and what you can do about it.MP3/Audio**
In-depth interview with Matrix Reimprinting's Karl DawsonGary Williams interviews Karl on what Matrix Reimprinting is, and isn't. He gives us a taste of the richness and depth of the technique, and clearing up some common misconceptions.Video**
Inner child process by Vernon GrandisonA deeply touching and profoundly healing inner child process by Vernon Grandison from http://www.tappingintobrilliance.com/Article/process**
Interview with legend Geoff DalglishDownload this Interview with legend Geoff DaliglishMP3/Audio**
Jenny Ibbotson on CreationBennie interviews Jenny Ibbotson, author of 'The Obedient Universe', on conscious creation. Fun, entertaining and enlightening - download and listen to it for free. MP3/Audio**
Jim Carrey’s life changing speech on how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams.A snippet of Jim Carrey's life changing speechVideo**
Leo Buscaglia on lifeMoving and inspiring thoughts by Leo BuscagliaVideo**
Living beyond limitsA deeply inspiring talk by Amy Purdey about her severe challenges, and how she's risen above them, again and again.Video**
Martin Feaver on Leaving the Path of Least ResistanceBennie interviews Martin Feaver on "Leaving the Path of Least Resistance"MP3/Audio**
Matrix Reimprinting - a Quickstart manualMatrix Reimprinting - a Quickstart manual (scroll down once you've clicked on the link on the left) PDF **
Matrix Reimprinting updates, refinements and distinctionsBennie provides some Matrix Reimprinting updates, refinements and distinctions; especially useful for those who've been around Matrix for a while, and not had the opportunity to attend a more recent training.Article**
PDF Download**
Matrix Reimprinting Review, Mentoring and Practice CallsMatrix Reimprinting review, mentoring and practice callsMP3/Audio
Medical Intuit Chantel Oppelt on Despair and OverwhelmMedical Intuit Chantel Oppelt guides a group session on Despair and OverwhelmMP3/Audio**
Men, men, men!Resources for menMP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Nick Williams Interview on the fascinating topic of 'resistance'Bennie interviews Nick Williams from http://www.inspired-entrepreneur.com/ about 'resistance' - something we can all relate to!MP3/Audio**
Nine Stumbling Blocks That Keep EFT from WorkingEFT Expert Lindsay Kenny shares 9 stumbling blocks that keep EFT from working, and shows you what to do about itPDF**
Norman Doidge, ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’. As science catches up with 2 decades of anecdotal evidence, it’s ever more exciting times for EFT. Interview with Norman Doidge, author of 'The Brain That Changes Itself'.Video**
Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking with Matrix ReimprintingA demo by Karin Davidson on how to overcome the fear of public speaking with Matrix ReimprintingVideo**
Overcoming ProcrastinationProcrastination kills us in many subtle - and not so subtle - ways. This tapping series guides you through clearing up the various aspects of what's really driving your procrastination.Video**
EFT Tapping**
Overcoming the Fear of FlyingHaving a fear of flying is no fun! The good news is you can release it quite quickly, and this tapping series will help you do just that.Video**
EFT Tapping**
Overcoming the Fear of Public SpeakingHaving a fear of public speaking can be a nightmare, I know. This tapping series will help you release it quickly and easily - just watch it and tap along.Videos**
EFT Tapping**
Overcoming AngerAnger is destructive if it gets expressed inappropriately or suppressed; deal with it or it will deal with you! E-Course**
EFT Tapping**
Overcoming Anxiety and Abuse with Matrix Reimprinting" Karl Dawson demonstrates how to use Matrix Reimprinting to overcome even extreme anxiety and abuse.Video**
Overcoming a Fear of Frogs with Matrix ReimprintingKarl Dawson demonstrates how to use Matrix Reimprinting to overcome a fear of frogs.Video**
Penny Croal and Bennie Naude: Attract your Perfect PartnerYou already know that looking for a partner from a place of neediness, unworthiness, shame or unresolved part relationships is a sure recipe for pain. Yet we cannot just 'get over' ourselves and think our way out of our 'stuff'.
Once you clear out the limiting beliefs, drama and trauma that you're still carrying - often unconsciously - you can then attract an ideal life partner and co-create an ideal relationship.
Phobias - how to be free of themWith Energy Psychology you can be free of phobias, and probably a lot quicker and easier than you thinkArticle**
Powerful Thoughts for a Rich Life Powerful thoughts for a rich life’ is a booklet containing some of the most powerful thoughts on how to create a truly rich life, in all ways, what it means to take responsibility, how to become unstuck, and how to powerfully move towards a life doing what you love. Download yours free now.PDF**
Press coverage of Bennie and EFT Various Press articles, interviews and moreVideos**
Psychological Reversal: Why EFT may not be working for you (or your clients)The reason why EFT may not be working for you or your clients, and what to do about it. Video clips by Bennie, and PDF downloads by Karl Dawson and Lindsay KennyVideo**
Releasing childhood trauma with Matrix ReimprintingKarl demonstrates how to resolve a childhood trauma in minutes with Matrix Reimprinting.Video**
Religious Shame and Guilt around Sex(uality): Clear it out (or pay the price)Religious shame and guilt around sex(uality) is so common that you could be forgiven (pun intended) for thinking that it's 'normal'. It's not, it's killing you, and you can release it.MP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
RRR: From Resentment to Rich and Rewarding RelationshipsOvercoming resentment in your relationships (with partners or ex-partners, family, friends, co-workers or anyone else) isn't always easy - maybe that's why most people don't bother and instead, walk away or try to 'live with it'.

RRR is a 13+ hour experiential programme that guides you through just that - helping you clear out your resentment and moving you to a place of peace, acceptance, kindness and compassion.
EFT Tapping
Say 'hasta la vista' to your cravingsCravings (for food, cigarettes or anything else) is a real bummer; they come from no-where, and willpower only lasts that long, leaving you feeling defeated or even hopeless. EFT Tapping has been clinically proven to reduce cravings - try it for yourself.MP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Shame and Guilt: A Unique Approach; The Way Out with EFT TappingShame and guilt ruins millions of lives and needs a solid understanding to effectively transform. This in-depth article will help you do that; also included Bennie's "Guilt and Shame" protocol that you can us, as is, right out the box, to help you and others clear up this debilitating energy.Article**
So how do you get back on track?We all go off track every now and again; put on weight, don't exercise, or keep putting off our dreams. This series helps you to tackle it head on, step by step, and get back on track - only if you want to! Article**
Sometimes life just sucksWe all have moments where life sucks; here's help!Video**
Steve Jobs on life – you can change itLife is not something that just happens to you, innocent bystander or victim – you can change it, so do!Video**
Stress, anxiety and overwhelmHow to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm by taking 9 simple, practical steps. Also download my first webinar that I ever recorded, guiding you through EFT Tapping to reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.MP3/Audio
Stressbusting with EFT TappingStress hurts you, your body and those around you; left untended it can (and often does) lead to conflict, disease and illness. This does not mean that you are helpless; EFT tapping has been clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and you can use it to help yourself.MP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Surrogate Tapping: Helping someone else while tapping on yourselfHere's how to help someone surrogately (i.e. on their behalf, while you tap on yourself) with EFT Tapping. We're all connected folks, may as well get used to that idea and use it to our advantage!)MP3/Audio
Tapping Tips by Carol LookTapping Expert Carol Look shares all her top tapping tips.Article**
The happy secret to better workA delightful talk by Shawn Achor on the secret to better workVideo**
The Official EFT ManualThe official and original EFT manual by the one and only Gary CraigPDF**
The ProcessA powerful 3-way process to release hurt, blame, guilt, shame and regret; step towards love, acceptance and forgivenessVideo**
The role of disappointmentAs absurd as it may sound that disappointment can have a 'role' to play, this 5-part series explains how to treat your disappointments as valuable informationArticle**
The Words Before All Else – by Chief Jake Swamp, narrated by Dermot FitzpatrickDermot Fitzpatrick beautifully narrates "The Words Before All Else", a truly graceful blessing for this beautiful planet that we live on. MP3/Audio**
Tips on how to do an effective EFT Talk or DemoHow to do an Effective EFT Talk or DemoMP3/Audio
Truly Tapping into Pure PossibilityHave you also, like most people, become an expert in arguing for your limitations and by so doing, making it practically impossible for you to achieve your dreams? You are the only one that can change it - here's how.MP3/Audio
EFT Tapping
Two Guided Conscious Creation VisualisationsTwo guided 'conscious creation' visualisations that I created for my own use, and decided to share with you.MP3/Audio**
Understanding AddictionsDownload these two webinars hereMP3/Audio**
Unleash your Dreams: Overcome the 7 most common reasons why people put their dreams on holdEver wondered why most people put their dreams on hold? Here are the 7 top reasons.Article**
Using Matrix Reimprinting with EFT and Meta-medicine to help someone with bi-polarKarl Dawson does a live demo of Matrix Reimprinting with EFT and Meta-Medicine to help someone with bi-polarVideos**
What is EFT?A handy handout (ha ha) by Dr Rangana Choudhuri on what EFT is and how it affects the body (scroll to the bottom of that page to download her slide packs)PDF**
Working on your businessA 4-part series by Alastair Morrison on how to grow your businessArticle**
You are good enoughJust because you believe that you're not good enough does not make it true - and it's up to you to change it, if you want. Be warned though - once you do, everything changes!MP3/Audio
TACIM - Tapping with a Course in MiraclesTACIM - Tapping with a Course in Miracles
A beautiful, simple, practical and powerful daily spiritual that is short, and very sweet.
Daily short lessons in your inbox
Video clips A growing number of short video clips that I find of interest, and hope you do too!Video clips**
Wealth creation - from the inside outMMM - a conscious creation programme towards a happier life; get started for FREEE-Programme
EFT Tapping
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