Caroline Nairn, Psychotherapist, on doing her PhD on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and using it to enhance her client practice

“I felt that in all the psychotherapy I’d had as part of my training, I had a very good theoretical understanding of some of the problems that I  was experiencing – some of my personal issues – but when I did EFT, it felt like I had resolution to the problem …”

Caroline Nairn

Psychotherapist and EFT Practitioner

Caroline Nairn

I recently came across Caroline Nairn, a registered psychotherapist who practices in the south-east of England.  When I found out that she was doing her PhD on EFT, of course I just had to talk to her – and was delighted when she agreed!

“I think my psycho-therapeutic training really enhances my EFT work and the other way around too – my EFT really enhances my psychotherapy work.”

Below you can download the highlights of our chat, where Caroline also shares about her own personal breakthrough with EFT and how she experiences the best of both worlds (not to mention giving her clients the best of worlds) by combining her psychotherapy and EFT skills.

“When a study has been done and it’s clinically and statistically significant, then I do think that it is something that is of interest to psychologists and psychiatrists.”

You can connect with Caroline via her website.

Download the highlights on Audio/MP3:

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