Change your health (and life) with Algae

The Therapeutic properties of Edible Algae for the promotion of health and support of disease : A combined Western and Eastern perspective By Dr. Kate James M.B.B.S. Integrative Medical Doctor. (

Article Summary:  This article is written with the aim of bringing together the very best of the current evidence we have at our fingertips about the therapeutic properties of edible algae. It is written to detail both Medical Research and concepts pertaining to The Western Allopathic Medical Model and also Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), whilst touching briefly on Ayurvedic Medicine i.e. Traditional Indian Medicine.

As an Integrative Medical Doctor with a British Medical Degree it is my hope we can make use of these and other wonderfully natural and adaptogenic foods. I seek to illustrate that this can support our patients alongside more conventional methods and treatments, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medical Practice and bringing the very best of everything we have together to enhance patient care and well being.

Download the full article here (PDF):


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