For many gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people the process of coming out is a difficult and painful one; especially so when they are met with rejection or ridicule.

The reality is that some people respond to this process with love, acceptance and understanding, and some don’t.

Painful coming out experiences which can lead to relationships breaking down and feelings of guilt, shame, anger, fear or sadness, include

  • rejection from colleagues, friends, siblings, children and other loved ones or being discriminated against at the workplace or society at large
  • parents blaming themselvesas if they did something wrong and as if there is something wrong with the person who came out
  • internalised homophobia and hetero-sexism, where GLBT people (consciously or unconsciously) believe that there is something wrong with them and that, based on their sexual orientation, they are inferior to heterosexual people

There is a way out.

Here is a recording of a webinar ‘Overcoming the pain of coming out’ that I hosted.  If you are still hurting after a painful coming out experience (whether it was a week ago or a decade ago) then it may just help you to inner peace, clarity and acceptance.

Download the highlights on Audio/MP3:

Bennie Naude
Stop arguing for your limitations. Instead of arguing for your limitations and coming up with more proof of why you can’t have what you want … understand that in that process of doing that, you are creating the proof as you speak. You are giving it energy; you are creating the blocks and the obstacles.
Bennie Naude

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