Dealing with complex and extreme issues with EFT

EFT is known for it’s “one-minute wonders”, where people literally overcome a fear of heights or a life-long depression in a minute.  Although these are, in my experience, not that common, they happen.

EFT is also known as the perfect self-help tool; easy to learn and apply, you can always use it in the moment when you need it; head-ache, back-ache, stomach ache and even heart-ache usually lifts and disappears like the morning mist, gently and easily.

What those familiar with the technique will also know, is that EFT is already being used very effectively to help people with more severe conditions (e.g. check out the research on EFT and PTSD in the research section).  The results are astounding, to say the least, even to those of us that have been around tapping for a long time, and thankfully (and some will say “finally!”) the military and medical corps have noticed the benefits not only in time and cost savings, but also in terms of an exponential increase in the quality of life of those treated with EFT; how, after all, do you measure the value of being able to sleep through the night after having experienced terrorising nightmares for 30 or 40 years?

That be as it may: if you experience serious symptoms or have been diagnosed as psychotic, schizophrenic or with DID (Dissociative Identify Disorder) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) then it would be best to find a skilled practitioner to work with; when applied unskillfully, EFT can do more harm than good for these serious conditions.  Even if you have been spared the labeling that our species is so fond of, but you know that you have experienced extreme sexual or other abuse – find help; if you’re in a rabbit hole of trauma, you need someone to help you out – full stop.

Similarly, if you are a recently qualified EFT Practitioner, best refer clients diagnosed as above to a practitioner with the required experience.

Against that backdrop, and to provide more insight into the dangers, nuances, possibilities and delights of using EFT for serious, complex and extreme issues, here are three articles by Gillian Wightman and Linsday Kenny.

Linsday Kenny

Complex Issues and EFT by Lindsay Kenny (PDF)

Gillian Wightman

Dissociative disorders by Gillian Wightman (PDF)

EFT for extreme anxiety and dissociation by Gillian Wightman (PDF)

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