Forgiveness: Widely Misunderstood

Forgiveness is, as far as I can tell, one of the most misunderstood concepts on the planet and I think Jack Kornfield’s definition (paraphrased) explains it the best when he says “Forgiveness is finally giving up hope for a better yesterday”.

Sometimes we think that we are forgiving someone as a gift or a favour to them, when in fact the opposite is true: the one to benefit the most from any act of forgiveness is the one doing the forgiving.

If you haven’t been able to forgive someone, this tap-along video may just help you set yourself free…but don’t take my word for it, tap along and see what happens!

Bennie Naude
A lot of people refuse to take action because they’re scared; either they don’t know, and they think they have to know exactly what to do, or they are scared of failing, of being rejected, hurt or disappointed. Especially for someone who’s had a history of a lot of disappointment, rejections, hurt, it’s sometimes hard to overcome the fear. Understand though that taking action is an essential part of the creation process and you cannot have the success you want, without taking action; it’s just not possible.
Bennie Naude

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