How to build a more successful client practice

At an EFT conference in Italy a few years ago I asked the people in the audience to raise their hands if they loved doing EFT.  As you may expect, most hands went up.

I then asked them to keep their hands up if they thought they were any good at it;  most hands stayed up.

I then asked those who were making a good living from it to keep their hands up.

All but about 10 hands came down. That’s what I’m talking about.

I remember when I had virtually no clients, and no paying clients; when I attracted client after client who said they would love to work with me but could not afford me; when it was awkward for me to tell someone what my rates were.

Today my rates are of the highest in the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting world, yet I often have a waiting list of clients wanting to work with me. I love the work I do, the types of clients I attract, the results they get, and being paid well for the way I help them (literally) change their lives around.

In these series of 3 talks that I hosted for my students I share everything that I know about building a successful client practice – as well as what didn’t work for me. That’s over 4 hours of audio, the transcriptions and slide pack.

Because the audio quality on the first audio isn’t that great – and also to give you an idea of my approach and the entire content, you can download the entire first call (mp3, transcript and slide pack) for free – click on ‘Download’ below. [Warning: I do occasionally use strong language to emphasize those points that I feel strongly about!]

If you find the first call of value and want to download the other 2 calls, click on ‘Add to Cart’ below.

Download Part 1 for FREE

Audio/mp3 (almost 85 mins) Transcription Slide-pack Includes overview of entire series [39Mb]

Download Series (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Part 1: 85 min audio/mp3, transcription&overview slide pack zip [39Mb] Part 2: 90+ min audio/mp3 and transcription [42Mb] Part 3: 90+min audio/mp3 and transcription [43Mb] Complete slide pack [3.5Mb]

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