Ready to do the inner work for a wealthy life?

It’s really simple.

Either you want your life to change or you don’t, and either you’re willing to put in the work to change or you’re not.  

(Of course, either of these choices are OK; it’s your life, after all, isn’t it?)

What’s different about MMM

1. It’s in a class of it’s own

MMM is not a ‘put a picture on your fridge, say three positive affirmations and then wait (watching TV) for your new car to show up in your driveway’ type programme.

Even though ‘The Law Of Attraction’ is often taught that way, there is a reason why most people do not get the results they expect and end up perpetually disappointed.

MMM goes deeper and includes everything you need to change your inner landscape, so that your outer world can (and must) change accordingly.

2.  (Only) you can  

If YOU take the responsibility for the changes you want then you can create it; no-one and no-thing else ever can.

Some programmes promise to do the work for you or to miraculously ‘change’ you without having to do anything. For as long as you need others to do it ‘for’ you, you remain dis-empowered.  The only way to create wealth is from the inside out and the only one that can do that is you.

MMM does not work by itself or by osmosis; it requires that you work it 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

If investing 30 minutes a day to nourish and nurture your dreams isn’t really your thing, then MMM probably isn’t for you.

3.  It’s step-by-step

You would (hopefully) not build a house without strong foundations.

Life is the same; going from being in debt to being wealthy requires certain steps, as does going from depression to joy.  Ignoring your current financial, mental or emotional state by repeating a gazillion affirmations a day is likely to get you nowhere – fast.

That’s why MMM kicks off with a comprehensive and step-by-step set of preparation exercises, to help you do a deep ‘stock-take’ of your inner landscape and uncover why things have been the way they’ve been for you.  Then it guides you to change at your own pace, step-by-step, every step of the way.

Over the first 3 years of MMM’s existence, over 90% of members stayed on after the first month, and over 93% of those stayed for the entire 12-month course.

That says something, doesn’t it?

[Now that the programme is no longer on a subscription basis, it’s not possible to track this.]

Here’s what you get

 (And if you’re thinking ‘That’s a lot!’, you’re right; it is.)

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack gives you a complete overview of the programme, including…  

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  • a step-by-step explanation of the different components and how they work together
  • how to get the most out of the programme
  • what you can expect to gain

It provides context and familiarity with what’s coming.


Kickoff Module

The Kickoff Module helps you to get started in the right way and includes:

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  • 90 minute audio/MP3 that tells you everything you need to know about MMM
  • slide pack
  • transcription

It sets the scene for you to start well, so you can end well.

Preparation Guide

The extensive (90+ pages) Preparation Guide helps you in a very powerful way to:

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  • understand why your life is the way it is
  • identify what the main limiting beliefs are, holding you back
  • help you get clear on what you really want

It shows you why all change has to start with you and guides you through it step-by-step.


12 Modules

12 Complete Modules, including all of the MMM ‘moves’, including (per module):

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  • 90+ minutes audio/MP3
  • transcript
  • slide pack
  • a detailed down-to-the-minute “Change Work Guide” to guide you through the daily change work exercises, step by step
  • a “Change Work Tracker” to help you track your progress

Module Previews

Module Previews for Module 2 – 12, including (per preview):

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  • a two-page snapshot of the contents of the next module
  • a taste, look & feel for what’s coming up next

The preview prepares you for what’s coming and helps you to find that lesson you were looking for. 

Members Only Forum

Immediate access to the exclusive MMM “Members Only” Forum where you can:

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  • connect with like-minded people
  • share your questions, ideas, challenges and vision
  • get your questions answered

Forum access is a ‘for you/by you’ space available to all current and graduated MMM members. It’s the place to stay connected.


Bonus 01: Immediate Stress Relief

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Stress is hurting your body

A lot of people believe that stress – because it is so common – is simply part and parcel of life. Stress damages your body in more ways than you may know; it makes you less intelligent, and programs your body for disease.

It does not have to be that way.

This guided session will help you to identify the main causes of your stress in a way you’d probably never considered, so that you can start releasing it, right here, right now.

Bonus 04: The Key of Installing New Beliefs

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Beliefs create reality

Your beliefs govern your thoughts, feelings and actions, and so create your reality.  Even though you cannot just ‘snap’ out of limiting beliefs, they’ll keep you boxed in and trapped until you do.

If you know how, you can.

This guided process will help you delete any limiting belief and replace it with a new, empowering belief of your choice.

Changes on the inside always lead to changes on the outside.

Bonus 02: The Key of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness: oft-misunderstood.

Holding on to the grudges of the past – however justifiable – is a sure way to stay stuck in the pain and resentment of the past and unable to move forward. It punishes only one – and that’s you.

It does not have to be that way.

This guided process combines powerful techniques in a unique way to help you truly let go of the past so that you can move towards a new, different and prosperous future.

Bonus 05: Tapping into Pure Possibility

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There are infinite possibilities

Einstein said that we are boxed in by the boundaried conditions of our thinking.

  • Do you know that what you are doing for a living now, isn’t what you want to be doing?
  • Are you unsure of what you want to be doing instead, or how you could make a good living doing what you love?

When we rely purely on our minds to give us answers for territories unexplored, we often get stuck in old habitual patterns of thinking. Are you having thoughts like…

  • Yes but: Yes but that’ll never work/I’m too old/I failed last time etc
  • If/then: If I win the lottery/get that promotion/have more time/the children leave home … THEN I’ll do what I really long for
  • What if: What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work out?

This type of thinking has some very common and predictable outcomes: stagnation, lethargy, frustration or depression. When we truly tap into the magic of universal intelligence, into the presence and wisdom of something way beyond us (yet part of us, as we are part of it!) then magic can happen. Here’s your chance – download, listen to, and enjoy the change!


Bonus 03: You ARE good enough

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“I’m not good enough” is a lie.

It hurts, keeps you small and robs the world from your gifts.  More to the point, however you learnt (or whoever taught you) that you were not good enough, it is a profound misunderstanding, and now you get to change it.

It does not have to be that way.

This guided process will help you change that belief and re-install a deep sense that not only are you good enough already, but you always have been and always will be.

Bonus 06: Jenny Ibbotson on Creation

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Jenny Ibbotson on Creation

Our lives reflect, as a mirror, our deeply held beliefs attitudes, ideas and thoughts. Although this is our reality and we are creating it in every moment, it is often hard to accept and understand. When we really get it, it is the most liberating and exciting realisation which empowers us beyond what we thought possible. Here Bennie interviews Jenny Ibbotson, author of ‘The Obedient Universe’ to help us understand how all this stuff works! .

Summary of what’s included:

  • Starter pack (PDF)
  • Kickoff module (90 minute mp3, transcript and slide pack)
  • 90+ page in-depth preparation guide (PDF)
  • Complete Module 01 – 12 (90 minute mp3, transcript, slide pack, change work guide and progress tracker per Module)
  • Module 02 – 12 Previews
  • Access to the member’s forum to get your questions answered

And these bonuses

  • Bonus 01:  Immediate Stress Relief
  • Bonus 02: The Key of Forgiveness
  • Bonus 03: The Key of Being Good Enough
  • Bonus 04: The Key of Installing New Beliefs
  • Bonus 05: Truly Tapping into Pure Possibility
  • Bonus 06: Jenny Ibbotson on Conscious Creation

Decide how much you want to pay

Since I created MMM in 2012, participants have paid between $289 and $1099 for the programme.

I have made my money on it many times over and have therefore decided to drop the current $775 membership fee – and allow you to decide how much you want to pay for full access to the programme. (There are no strings, no up-sell, and no endless follow-up emails.)

Simply choose the amount you want to pay and get immediate full access to the entire membership-site and all the content.  Simple, don’t you think?

Enter the amount that you’d like to pay in the “Your Price” box below, click ‘Add to Cart’, and proceed to check-out.  That’s it.

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