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Niall Morton, UK

“MMM’s Move 1 has helped me move out of rescuer mode big time. I’ve rescued people all my life and used that as an excuse not to move my own life forward; I used to think, “they need me, what will they do without me,” etc.

Knowing that we are all responsible for our own lives and what we create, has changed things for me so much. I now support others (friends or clients) to the best of my ability, but I’m not attached to the outcome of that support and where it leads the recipient, if anywhere at all! I also support myself and deal with my own stuff without feeling that I’m letting anyone else down by not being there for them and giving them my time and energy.

I am responsible -full stop – and the same for them. The only person I’m responsible for is me and responsible for changing my internal world in order to see what I want to see in my external world.”

Robert Baker, UK

The biggest benefit I got from MMM was reconnecting with a long forgotten passion for acting and singing.

Through MMM I felt it was possible, I was encouraged and supported to take action towards this dream and to make it a reality.

This resulted in me getting a part in a play, joining a choir and singing a solo in a concert, all of which brought me great joy and fulfillment!

Sharon Stobbia, SA

“Module 4 has helped me a lot. I became aware of how uncomfortable I was at receiving.

My basic reaction to help that was offered was, “NO, I can do it myself.” and when a friend offered to pay for coffee, I would be very uncomfortable. I was very uncomfortable about receiving gifts for my birthday, so much so that invitation for my 50th birthday clearly stated that a donation must be made to an animal shelter in lieu of gifts.

I thought that was being noble, but working through MMM made me realise that I didn’t want people to ‘waste’ their money on me. I also used to think that looking for a present for me, would be a bother, and I didn’t want that.

Although it was difficult, I am now more open to receiving and actually enjoyed opening gifts at this year’s birthday party! I also don’t feel that I’m obliged to return a favour. I just say thank you.“

Shirley du Plessis, SA

“Knowing that all I need to know for sure is WHAT I want, and the universe will work out the HOW, is stress free, fun & exciting as I just look for the openings & opportunities; they are always unexpected, surprising and absolutely perfect!

The 90/10 rule is great as it helps me clear up what I did to have created what I am experiencing, be responsible for it, notice it so I do not repeat it, and then change it for something positive or how I would have liked it to go.

I do it when I am lost in trying to find a destination, frustration when my tablet would not link up with my computer to get internet, anything that is not going my way, I get to change it, and it works EVERY TIME.”

“The MMM programme has helped me start some belief changing work which has previously been impossible via other methods. Using the MMM techniques I am seeing that my everyday world is manifesting what I talk and think about, and it’’s a powerful discovery! I love having contact with the group and seeing how everyone develops together.

MMM has given me ground to believe that I create my world with my thoughts. I have re-connected with some family and friends I previously felt rejected or hurt by. To name but a few things I noticed even in my first week:

  • My confidence grew
  • I created new dreams
  • I found the way to move to a new flat when all felt impossible
  • I started speaking Italian again after a year!

I feel so fortunate to have someone there to remind me to keep going!”

Emma L, UK

“Yes, yes and yes!!” I have had a very uneasy relationship with money most of my life; MMM has now helped me to see why I am not attracting money, it is helping me make better decisions regarding money and my money beliefs are also changing.

Like everyone else I’ve had my ups and downs in all areas of my life since the programme started, but what’s different now is that I am looking at it from a positive standpoint and am really enjoying the journey. The content is excellent and Bennie’s knowledge is second to none. The biggest change for me is that I am totally responsible for my life – and I’m no longer waiting for someone or something else to sort me out – that was a big shift for me!!!

If I had to choose again whether to sign up for MMM I’d say ‘Yes, Yes and Yes!’; I’d say that MMM is worth a lot more than Bennie’s charging. For those thinking about it I can only say ‘Just to do it!”

Darlene Stanton, UK

“Move 3 was another big one for me. I was never clear on what I wanted and was too busy being involved in someone else’s drama and life to look at my own; convenient eh?

Now, I may not have clarity 100% of the time in 100% of situations but I realise that it’s the crux of everything and without it – what did you say Bennie?-  “you’re pi**ing in the wind” something like that I’m sure it was

On each of the aspects that I’ve got clear on, movement has occurred in the direction that I wanted it to go: result!!!

The How!!!!! Oh yes, did I try to control the how in every situation and nearly drove myself crazy, for YEARS.

Now I see that we can’t possibly know how something will happen in our most wildest imaginings and to leave it to the Universe; this is so, so liberating and correct and enables me to direct my energy to where I make the difference every time; getting 100% clear on what I want, my job, the ‘hows’ I leave to the Universe.”

Niall, UK

“I’ve noticed lots of changes! Since I’ve started MMM 3 months ago I’ve noticed lots of changes – mostly around work and my attitude to money. The Energy Psychology Techniques are a great tool to and I’ve learnt new and deeper ways to apply them.

The teachings – although not new to my ears – are absolutely spot on and very useful. I find that listening to Bennie talk sparks ideas off in me in how to live life more in the flow and with a positive mind-set. As for people who are thinking about joining the programme I’d say, ‘Do it – you’ve got nothing to lose!’

I expect to be using this material for a long time to come.

James Tinney, UK

MMM is in the top 10 best decisions I’ve made in the past 5 years!!!” “

Before joining MMM, I was broke, very blocked and everything I tried failed; I couldn’t regain the success I once had.

Now, I’m much clearer emotionally, more in the flow, clearer with my vision and earning more money easier. My relationships have improved, I’ve settled a longstanding lawsuit without an attorney without paying any money, my personal relationship with my significant other has improved and I’ve had several conversations with my former wife, where before, we had not really spoken in six years.

I feel more content and optimistic. The value I’ve received from MMM far exceeds what I have paid.

Confidential, USA

“If I had to choose again whether to join MMM, I’d do so absolutely and without any hesitation.

For someone considering joining MMM I’d say join – you have nothing to lose except the resistance to having what you truly want and deserve.

I’d rate MMM as 100 / 100 and it’s in the top 10 best decisions I’ve made in the past 5 years!!!!

Confidential, USA

“I am beginning to see more often and more clearly how ridiculous it is to hold onto limiting beliefs that are so obviously lies!!”

Dermot Fitzpatrick, UK

“Bennie has helped me change something that has been a block in my life, it has been a profound experience and his insight, kindness and gifted talent make this one of the best healing experiences I’ve ever had.”


“Within just one session with Bennie I resolved an issue that had troubled me for years. He was professional, intuitive, very thorough and created a safe environment that allowed me to explore some deeply personal challenges. I highly recommend Bennie!”

Nikki Owen, the UK's leading expert in charisma

“All I can say is WOW! I was able to work and shift out grown patterns, allowing me to work towards how I always dreamed I could be, WOW, thank you BENNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Christian, USA

“Bennie is highly competent; since having a session with him I have been able to approach a previously terrifying scenario with calm and confidence. I can highly recommend Bennie’s work to change behaviour patterns. Thanks!”


“Bennie is obviously doing what he is meant to do in this life. Having carried something for many years Bennie helped me to clear it within an hour.

I know it sounds impossible, but I would definitely recommend giving it a go.”

Abby, UK

“I felt extremely comfortable with Bennie right from the start. He helped me discover the nature of something fundamental that had been holding me back in various areas of my life, and then helped me to identify and release these blocks.

I felt a wonderful sense of calm that I haven’t enjoyed for a long, long time and I’m now really excited about living my life in a much more happy, relaxed, satisfying and successful way. Thank you Bennie!”

Richard L, UK

“Bennie is a patient, warm and considerate person who has had a massive impact in my life with the work he does.

I thought that I was in a good place, doing well and couldn’t be or do any better than I am…..I was wrong. I have found a new place to be in life and I’m loving it….thanks Bennie!”

Chris, UK

“Being a great fan of Bennie.I can only but sing my highest praise – he makes everything easy to both understand, do and apply! You leave elevated and a new person. Yippie!”

MM, Europe

“I feel like a starfish on Bennie’s beach.” He picked me up, showed me the way to get my life back and find my happiness. Bennie you have made a huge difference in my life. THANK YOU for being Bennie and for all your support.

Kim Mattingly, Switzerland

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