Leaving the Pathway of Least Resistance

Most of us want life to be easy yet, paradoxically, we actually put lots of energy into it. Our routines and planning are geared up to it.

We like life to be predictable, hassle free and straight forward. Life seems better that way, safer and simpler. We like following the pathway of least resistance.

This though is a fantasy. A myth. We convince ourselves that easy is better yet it isn’t. There are costs. The pathway of least resistance is a very expensive ride for you and your life!

In this 90-minute event you will…

  • Discover why the pathway of least resistance is a dangerous and slippery slope for you
  • Understand why you choose this pathway – often without realising it!
  • Find out to get off and create your own pathway of confidence, fulfillment and joy
  • See how you can make the differences you want in your life happen
  • Be shown how your mindset, nutrition, physical activity, relaxation and environment are crucial and powerful components in creating your own unique pathway

“I love running the Mind Body Connection; it grew out of my passion to help people make the changes and differences they want to in their lives yet felt they couldn’t.

For most of my life I was scared of being me. I spent much of my time acting, playing a role, so that people liked me, ‘people pleasing’. I didn’t want to upset anyone, always tried to keep the peace and let other people decide my worth and value.

By the time I was 35, I’d travelled round Europe a couple of times, had started my own business in the United States, got a degree, taught for a few years, got a masters degree, become a specialist cardiac rehabilitation trainer and set a successful business with a studio in London’s West End; I had some amazing holidays, relationships and money… yet I still felt that there was something missing.

I didn’t feel as if I was being me…and then I changed it all! Today I know who I am, I love being me, and through my work at The Mind Body Connection, help others to also grow and live a fulfilled and rewarding life. Martin Feaver

Download the highlights on Audio/MP3:

Bennie Naude
This is about starting to trust the process of creation, about really understanding you cannot know the ‘hows’, and simply focus on the ‘whats’. If you’re wondering when I’m going to stop hammering on about this, the short answer is “Never.” This is such an important thing, you have to get this at the cellular level in your body to really, truly, deeply understand that you cannot know the ‘hows’.
Bennie Naude

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