9 Stumbling Blocks That Keep EFT from Working And How To Remedy Them, by Lindsay Kenny

Lindsay Kenny has been around the EFT block enough times to be regarded as an expert.  Here’s what she says about EFT working, or not working:

“Somehow I’ve developed the moniker as “an authority on why EFT doesn’t work”. I don’t mind that, except that I believe that EFT works 99% of the time…if done correctly. Yet many will try it once, throw up their hands and say “Well, it just didn’t work for me!” If that happens, it is rarely, if ever, any shortcoming of EFT. It’s my experience that one of the primary reasons EFT appears not to be working resides in the skill of the practitioner (who is often the person treating him or herself).

EFT is more of an art than a science, and we’re still learning how it works. We do know, however, these things for sure:

  • In the right hands EFT can produce miraculous results.
  • Simple issues such as fears, stress, (recent) anger, pain, frustration and hundreds of other non-complex problems can often be eradicated in a few minutes with EFT.
  • More multifaceted issues, such as trauma, chronic anxiety, abuse, serious illnesses, and depression may take longer and more skill than can be delivered by an EFT novice.
  • Even someone new to EFT can often get amazing results 70% of the time–that’s an extraordinary percentage that the medical profession would love to have.
  • EFT often works when everything else has failed.
  • In skilled hands EFT can work over 95% of the time.

And here’s the most important thing we’ve learned: There are certain things that can stop EFT in its tracks…which is the basis of this article.”

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Download Lindsay’s article here (PDF): 

Bennie Naude
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Bennie Naude

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