Norman Doidge, the author of ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’

As science catches up with 2 decades of anecdotal evidence, it’s ever more exciting times for EFT.  

Since the beginning of time we were taught that the human brain was hard wired – it was the way it was and there was nothing you could do about it.

But wait…

Norman Doidge, the author of ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’,  describes that that notion is old, outdated and simply not correct.  Watch this!

The Brain that Changes Itself

Bennie Naude
A lot of people refuse to take action because they’re scared; either they don’t know, and they think they have to know exactly what to do, or they are scared of failing, of being rejected, hurt or disappointed. Especially for someone who’s had a history of a lot of disappointment, rejections, hurt, it’s sometimes hard to overcome the fear. Understand though that taking action is an essential part of the creation process and you cannot have the success you want, without taking action; it’s just not possible.
Bennie Naude

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