Procrastination 02:

Fear Of Getting it Wrong

Procrastination 04:

Fear Of Failure

Procrastination 06:


Procrastination 08:

Needing Help

Procrastination 10:

What Happened Last Time

Procrastination 01:

It’s Got To Be Perfect

Procrastination 03:

Fear Of Getting it Right

Procrastination 05:

Fear Of Success

Procrastination 07:

Not Enough Time

Procrastination 09:

Feeling Bad About It

Procrastination 11: What’s The Downside?

Procrastination 12: How Do You Feel About It?

Bennie Naude
If you want to indulge in conversations about how bad things are and how it’s not changing - understand that that pulls your energy down, and you will create and attract more of it. Start focusing on what is working already, now. Start focusing on what you already have in your life to be grateful for, right now, and then spend time imagining how you want things to be different.
Bennie Naude

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