The Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking stops many people dead in their tracks and prevent them from doing what they love.

Others who ‘have’ to do it because e.g. their job requires it, use coping mechanisms like beta-blockers or breathing slower, or suffer through it.

There’s a different way – fears and phobias typically release very quickly (and mostly permanently) with EFT tapping; get started below; click the video clips, tap along and see how different you feel.

Fear of public speaking 01: forgetting words

Fear of public speaking 3: THAT question

Fear of public speaking 5: blushing, stuttering etc

Fear of public speaking 2: looking stupid

Fear of public speaking 4: clearing up the past

Fear of public speaking 6: the power of your imagination

Also check out this demo by Karin Davidson, helping someone overcome a fear of public speaking with Matrix Reimprinting

Michel de Montaigne
The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to purpose.
Michel de Montaigne

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