What exactly are phobias, and are you stuck with them?

A phobia is defined as an ‘irrational fear’ and if you have a phobia (fear of heights, or public speaking, or something else) then you don’t need definitions to tell you what it feels like!

And you’ll also know that ‘willpower’ is no solution for a phobia.

The great news is that phobias are usually the simplest to collapse with EFT.  You’ll find tap-along videos on this site for the fear of public speaking, flying and others.  Here’s an an article explaining what phobias are, and what you can do about them.

 Download the full article here (PDF):

Bennie Naude
We do not know how long thoughts take to turn into things; just that they do. Instead of digging up new seeds every couple of days to see how they're doing, if you know anything about growing stuff you know that you would plant the seed, make sure it gets nourished, make sure it gets water and leave it, knowing that they will, at some point, sprout. It's exactly the same with your dreams.
Bennie Naude

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