If you’re not getting the results with EFT that you want, you want to read this for sure.

‘Psychological Reversal’ (PR) describes the phenomenon when someone seems to experience such a deep interpersonal conflict that EFT simply doesn’t work. If someone, for example, has a belief (e.g. that they are not good enough) that it is so ingrained in them that it has, in a way, become part of them, it may be that conventional and basic EFT does not help them shift.

The good news is that it is possible to correct this; the most well-known method is, of course, the standard karate chop point, tapping on the side of the hand and saying three times ‘Even though I have […this problem…] I deeply and completely love and accept myself.’

For other options, check out the three videos below, and download the articles by Karl Dawson and Lindsay Kenny.

Option 1

Option 2

Karl DawsonDownload an article on Psychological Reversal by Karl Dawson here (PDF):

Option 3

Lindsay KennyDownload an article on Psychological Reversal by Lindsay Kenny here (PDF): 

Bennie Naude
This whole idea of failure … what does it even mean, to “fail”? I think people use the word “fail” when they mean they didn't get the outcome they wanted and I think “So what?” It didn't work the first time, or the second time or the tenth time. So what?" History is filled with examples of people who kept going on and on and on and on, until they finally created what they wanted.
Bennie Naude

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