The monkey is laughing.

‘Why?’ you ask?

Well, it’s really rather simple!

He’s laughing because he’s not being spanked anymore.

[Oh, by the way, if you’re a woman and thinks this does not affect you, or that it’s a “men’s thing”, or repulsive, or both, here’s why you should care – click here].

If you’re using on-line pornography, you’ll know about spanking the monkey, bashing the bishop, choking the chicken, having a polish, doing the five-finger shuffle, petting the poodle, rubbing one out, cranking the love pump, fiddling the flesh flute, going a couple of rounds with ol’ Josh, having one off the wrist, hitch hiking to heaven, letting the cat out of the bag, making a cash withdrawal, oiling the glove, making the bald man cry, manipulating the mango, preparing the carrot, pulling the pope, riding the five-legged pony, saluting the general, doing a secret handshake, slapping the donkey, smacking the salami, stretching the truth, taking matters into your own hand, washing the meat, wrestling the dragon, doing wrist aerobics or any other laughable term that has been invented for the ancient art of male masturbation.

Yes, we’re talking about … you know… that thing that millions of men do and few talk about: using internet porn, visiting porn sites, and then (more often than you may think) … finding they have (whisper it) a case of porn addiction.

Thankfully we are also talking about how to stop using porn … yes that’s right, how to quit porn altogether.

How do I know it’s possible?  Because I’ve done it.

If you don’t want to stop using porn or overcome your porn addiction then whack away – it’s a free world!  And you may want to continue reading anyway, to see how it affects your brain…

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