The mission here at The Laughing Monkey is very simple and very powerful:  to help 1 million men become porn-free by providing top quality e-courses in a way that’s effective, fun, safe and shame-free.

Like the mission, the tools here are also very simple, and very powerful.

You see, instead of addressing just the symptoms or offering you ‘coping’ strategies, everything here is designed to help you eliminate the root cause of your internet porn addiction  (and whether you like it or not, or agree with it or not, the root cause of your porn addiction is very likely of an emotional nature).

As you apply the techniques to dissolve the causes and the old ‘porn-wiring’ in your brain, you also start strengthening your ‘porn-free’ wiring ; in the process your brain quits porn … and you stop visiting those porn sites.

Possible it is; effortless it’s not.   

How do I know?  Because I’ve done it.  Using the exact same technique I’ll teach you.  Being porn-free has changed my life in so many ways, and for that I will always be grateful.  More time, more money, but most importantly, more self-esteem.  Feeling better about myself and every day more proud that I’m remaining porn-free, effortlessly.

I’m sure you understand that the only one that can decide that you want to overcome your pornography addiction is you.  No-one else can do it for you.  The tools that you’ll learn here work and they will help you stop doing porn; they have been proven many times over.

And they only work if you APPLY them.

I’ll assume that you are here because at least a part of you wants to be porn free.  And it’s totally natural for another part of you to not want to give it up at all, I mean, why would you?  Miss all the excitement?  Fun?  The joy and pleasure of the anticipation … expectation … arousal … orgasm … ejaculation – hmmmm…

So where were we…oh yes, talking about eliminating the root emotional causes for your internet porn use and changing the physical patterns – also called neural pathways – in your brain. (No, we don’t open brain surgery for that – it’s a lot easier than you think because of the way you brain works.)

Once that starts happening, that means that your whole motivation for doing porn disappears, the porn-wiring in your brain dissolves and you are free to get on with your life porn-free, with no willpower required.  

Now if you’re like most people you’d be thinking that that’s a pretty bold claim.  And you’d be 100% right.

I make the claim because that’s exactly what I did.

Going a step further, the material here at The Laughing Monkey is priced to be affordable – in fact, you decide how much you want to pay for it.

How much have you spent on porn over the last year?  10 years?  And don’t fool yourself by saying you never pay for porn.  You pay, all right, make no mistake about that – even if you don’t pay with money.  If that wasn’t true then you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

And, because I believe in what I say, and to put my money where my mouth is (not literally, although I’m sure that’s fetish out there already…) I’ll even offer you a 100% money back guarantee.  Absurd?  Maybe.  But you see, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help men that want to, get off internet porn instead of getting of on internet porn.

That means that we’re talking about a total 100% risk-free situation for you.  (Which is of course the exact opposite of signing on to that next porn-site, where the T&C tells you that the only thing they guarantee you is that you won’t ever see your money again.)

Maybe then in the end, if you’re not desperate enough yet to want to quit porn, if it’s not painful enough yet, if you’re not addicted enough, lonely, disappointed or ashamed enough yet or distant enough from your partner yet to feel compelled to quit porn, maybe it comes down to pure maths?

Spend your money on porn and never see it again, or spend it here for the opportunity to become porn-free or your money back.

You decide.

Actually, before you decide.  Let’s talk about a question I often get:  will the results last forever?  The truth is that I really have no idea.

I do know that I brush my teeth most days, and when I have a regular spiritual and exercise routine (instead of just meditating or going for a run once) then my life seems to flow a bit better.

We all know how freely available internet porn is, and how inviting some of those porn sites are, and how effective their marketing is; nowadays you can get free access to 24 gazzilion sites catering for every fetish in the galaxy.

You also know how effective a good bout of porn is for that short-term “feel good”, what an effective ‘pick-me-up’ it is (before it dumps you down, of course) and you also know that sometimes when life is hard, we do things that we know is not good for us.

I know for me, when I totally overcome any desire for porn after only 2 hours of using the technique I’ll share with you here at TLM, about a year later when I entered a new relationship and things were a bit rocky, guess what – I found myself digging up my old buddy porn again, who had loyally and patiently been waiting for me.

Instead of getting totally sucked into it again, I could see it for what it was (a sign that something in my life wasn’t working) and could once again apply the tools to help me through that very difficult time.

So .. if for some reason you jump on the porn-wagon again a year or two down the line you have a choice:  beat yourself up, say that the technique didn’t work for you, or acknowledge that you had a good run and that it’s time for you to start again.

Read on if you’re ready for the next step.


E-sessions that you can instantly download to help you to …

  • understand the different aspects of you porn addiction
  • uncover the real reasons why you are addicted to porn
  • help you release the shame of porn – a critical first step to overcoming an internet porn addiction
  • start to minimise and release your porn cravings
  • feel better about yourself

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