Two Guided Conscious Creation Visualisations

Because I sometimes found it hard to do my daily visualisations without guidance, I decided to create something for myself that I could use daily; I ended up creating two:

  • A short guided visualisation for daily use (10:31)
  • An even shorter version of that on days that I wanted a few extra minutes (6:52)

I created it for my own personal use, and use it almost every day.  It was never intended to share, so it’s a rough edit and not ‘perfect’; it works for me so maybe it will for you too.

Download, listen, enjoy, repeat – and if you like it, share it using the share buttons below.

Download the full version here (10:31) :

Download the shorter version here (6:52):

Bennie Naude
Every single time that you say you're going to do something and you do it or you make a promise and you follow through on it – it doesn't matter whether the promise is to someone else or to yourself - every single time you create what you set out to create, you have another memory (and more proof) that you are a creator - where your thoughts and your words and your intention and your imagination and your actions led to the desired outcome. Every single time you do this, you strengthen your belief in yourself as a creator. And because belief is such an important part of creation, this is crucial.
Bennie Naude

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