Hi, I hope this finds you well and happy!

I’m writing you a short series on practical ways to achieve your goals. It promises to be to-the-point, original and applicable – so let’s get going.

In today’s delivery I’ll sketch the two real problems I faced recently; find the overlays with your problems and see how the steps that worked for me, can work for you.


I had been in account-overwhelm mode for months: I’m not an accountant, I have several bank and PayPal accounts in different countries and currencies, and offer products, courses and private sessions in different currencies.  My pile of receipts were getting higher and the exception queue in my accounting system longer.

I kept thinking about working through it, but because I’d left it for so long and it seemed overwhelming, I kept putting it off.

It kept being there, of course, in the back of my mind, and in addition to feeling stressed about it I also started feeling bad that I couldn’t get so far as to do something about it, despite numerous vague promises to myself that “I’ll get to it soon.”

Sound familiar?


I rarely have a problem with my weight; people think it’s because I’m lucky, or tall, or both.  Truth is, of course, I usually mind what I eat and get enough exercise.

I do not care much for what the scale says, but I do pay attention to what my belt says, and when all is well my belt is somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd notch. Over a few weeks I’d been noticing that every now and again it would slip into the first notch but (completely head in the sand) I’d tell myself that I was ‘probably bloated’ from something I’d eaten.

Finally it went from ‘slipping into’ the first notch occasionally to being there permanently; then I had to face what my furtive side-ward glances in the mirror as I got dressed had been telling me already: I’d put on weight and we weren’t talking muscle, we were talking fat!  (Kinda inevitable, when I had been eating more sweet stuff, and stopped exercising for a month or 2, right?)

Because I was out of shape and embarrassed about it (who ME, helping others lose weight?!), the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym and work it off; I much rather wanted another chocolate and a movie in bed, thank you very much!

Sound familiar?


For both these issues, a point came that changed everything.

Before we can resolve any problem or achieve any goal, no matter how trivial or pivotal, this is a step that always precedes even the tiniest action’ we take towards it.

Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously doesn’t matter; what matters is that we do it.

Next week I’ll share with you exactly what that ‘something’ is, and how to consciously apply it to help you moving in the right direction.

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