9 Dec 2011

My trip around the world is coming to an end soon and I’ll be back in London in January for a few weeks, before I head out to York for the EFT Community Gathering, Scotland to run a few workshops and then South Africa to spend time with friends and family and teaching EFT there for the first time!

I go swimming most mornings here in New Jersey – I just love the meditation and creation time as I actively use my mind to create the life I want:  imagining my ideal future, hearing
conversations that I would like to have in real life, seeing myself doing what I love, living in a beautiful place and so on.

I love how some of those things have already manifested as I’d imagined and believed they would.:  my brother unexpectedly gifting me a brand new and fabulous iPod the very day I imagined having a new one;  my diary filling up with more clients during the last 10 weeks than at any time since I started DeepLiving almost 3 years ago and creating new and successful webinars to name a few – exactly as I ‘saw’ it in my mind’s eye.

There is a saying that we teach what we need to learn the most; I think sometimes it’s more a case of teaching what we need to remember the most as there’s a difference between not knowing –  which would make it impossible to teach – and knowing but forgetting.

Case in point:  one recent morning I decided to cut my swimming time by 10 minutes because I had a lot to do that day; filming, editing and posting 50+ videos and over 30 audios, client sessions, web-design changes and so on;  one of my projects had been taking longer that I’d planned and I started feeling anxious about completing it.

As the time came for me to get out of the pool to rush back to my desk, I suddenly remembered a few things.

I remembered that I really loved swimming and that to cut my it short was denying myself one of my daily highlights – a way to truly nurture my mind, body and spirit..  I remembered that 10 minutes were only 10 minutes and that, in the big scheme of things it would actually make no difference to my project!  I remembered that I get a lot more done and that everything flows easier when I feel great about myself –  which I do after swimming.

I remembered that for me, swimming was about a lot more than just swimming; that it is also my creation time and that frankly, that is the most important thing in my life (and so it should be in yours, if you really want to get to where you say you want to be getting

I realised that having missed a self-imposed deadline and working harder with longer days, and now wanting to cut my swim-time, was NOT the way to go. (hello, been there, done that – MANY times!)

I realised that I’d been getting grumpy that week – and now I knew why:  working longer hours, getting more intense, making more mistakes and having to re-work more things, getting more frustrated in the process – a spiral heading nowhere but down – and one I know very well!

I realised that taking care of myself was my first and foremost responsibility because unless I did that, there would be no Bennie to make my dreams come true or to help anyone else.

I realised that as long as I am clear about where I’m heading, as long as I do what can be done very day, as long as I use the unlimited power of my imagination to create everything I desire and as long as I believe that it is coming to me, everything else really is a walk in the park, to be enjoyed and cherished, moment by moment.

So I chuckled (try it while you swim, it’s great fun), and continued to swim until I felt complete.

It reminds me of an advertising poster for a bank that I saw in New York many years ago, which said “Sometimes, stopping to smell the roses has nothing to do with stopping.  Or smelling.  Or roses.”

I think they were on to something…

Blessings all round and happy tapping,

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