This is how other people from around the world experienced working with me in 1-2-1, private sessions, and the results they got.

People just like you.

Imagine you could get some of this for yourself.

If it was possible for them, it must be possible for you, don’t you think?

“So many shifts have taken place since I started with Bennie that I feel a changed person, much stronger and more centred than ever before.

He has helped me to regain my sense of self-worth; we achieved in 6 sessions more than I could have ever hoped for; even in uncomfortable areas he has a way of working that is never intrusive or awkward.

The benefits of the ‘homework’ that I was given were astounding – it helped me define the many blockages that stood in my way – and I also appreciated feeling that I was more than a ‘number’ amongst his clients; it felt real and personal – a committed interest to achieve the change together.

Once you’ve worked with Bennie, the investment (time and money) seems insignificant – because what I gained is invaluable.”

Lionel Bourgeois

Vetta Communication

I’m just so deeply grateful for this experience. I most definitely got what I wanted from the session – the understanding of how my limiting beliefs have ruled my life and how I’ve let them – and that I can choose to change this!

Luckily this is a very self-empowering modality which I am now using on a daily basis to go further and deeper. 

I’m learning to be far more gentle with myself and to give myself the love, acceptance and compassion I deserve and have always wanted. It is a work in progress. Absolutely worth it –  go for it! It’ll change your life if you’ll let it.

Carol Cooper-Steyn

“I wanted to work with Bennie because I felt exhausted and over-stretched. Our sessions have left me with a sense that a very deep healing happened. Although I still have challenges to deal with, I feel ‘cleaner’ and more able to do so. I am less emotional and more fully present.

I also have a sense of a settling of layers, as if I am still integrating a full awareness of how much has changed. I have less self-doubt and internal confusion and have re-established a direct line to my inner knowing, rather than detouring through outdated blocks and filters. I experience the connection as clearer and calmer than before. I am no longer stressed by certain old triggers.

My relationship with money has also changed as a result of the sessions – I have an open feeling towards money now.

This series of sessions was a full investment of my focus, intention and commitment. It worked on so many levels that I often felt it was all I could think about and that everything I did related to the process. I’m sure you can put as much or as little as you want into this, but for me it has been worth everything I committed.

I really appreciate the time I spent with Bennie – it was very special to have someone be there for me and allow me to process whatever I needed to. He is phenomenal – he has such authentic integrity and strong compassion. I’m convinced that he has been instrumental in a huge, life-changing shift for me.”

Lesanne Brooks

I was quite nervous about exposing my hurt and grief to a man like Bennie at first but he proved to be one of the most intuitive, gentle and sensitive men I’ve ever met. Shifting past and current traumas now I’m less fearful and hopeless and able to cope with stress in a more constructive way. I’ve learned to accept myself be more confident to state what I need, more proactive and more positive about myself and life in general. Thank you Bennie. It’s definitely worth it, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Moya Wolff

Bennie was a real support for me in the sessions (and between them) as I went through a very difficult time in my life. The biggest ongoing benefits have definitely been the homework and other daily tools Bennie shared. As I’ve continued to use them since our sessions I’ve been able to start shifting areas in my life where I’ve been stuck for a long time.

I have a far broader feeling of possibility and I know that if I use the tools Bennie gave me shift will continue to happen. Thank you Bennie; for your care, support and direction within the sessions, between the sessions and since then. Well worth it – it would be a steal at twice the price.

Justin Wolff

“When I met Bennie I was playing a “tape” in my head saying that I was not good enough, causing me to doubt myself and my abilities. This massively affected my confidence and I found myself avoiding a lot of things because of the potential of failure or success.  My behaviours (driven by my need to escape these very uncomfortable feelings) concerned me greatly as the affected my work life and in particular my family. I was not happy in myself and I had reached a real low point. Working with Bennie was an incredible experience. He is knowledgeable, professional and just great at what he does. I felt a strong connection with him and very safe in his hands. Through our work together I experienced really big shifts with each of our sessions. Now the tape that I play in my head is completely different: instead of the old message that I was not good enough, I believe in myself and am actually for the first time it seems, living in the now!

I feel great, my energy has changed and I feel confident and vibrant. Events that have upset me to the point of tears in the past, no longer upset me. My life has improved in so many ways – more work opportunities have come my way and my relationship with my wife and children has improved significantly. So many people have noticed that there is something different about me; it feels great and it has been easier than I ever imagined. I have also lost 4kgs and aim to lose another 4kgs this month. It is all happening! I would not hesitate to recommend Bennie and the wonderful gifts that he has. I am so glad that I came across him. You have everything to gain by working with him.”

Nigel, New South Wales, Australia

I had a session with Bennie and it has changed my life; I am 31 and have held onto some massive, massive pain since I was very young. I felt like I had a huge ball of sadness stuck deep inside my heart and did not know why or how it got there; now it’s GONE – thank you!

Daniel Marcus Condon,Australia

“Bennie creates a strong, safe and totally accepting container in which to work. I felt held and expertly guided every inch of the way.”

Paul, London

“Through all my years of trying to access memories from before the age of 10, EFT is the only healing modality to open the door; I am deeply grateful.”

Leonie, Bellingen, Australia

“I am very grateful to have had a 1-2-1 session with you today; you have cleared my most difficult issue that’s been affecting me for a long time!”

FM, Bellingen, Australia

“I’ve had some really nice shifts in my perception of myself – I feel a lot more appreciation and overall feel more positive about myself. My session with you was probably the best session of therapy I have ever done!”

Fiona, Sydney

“I had three sessions with you, a delightful and extraordinary experience for me. During the sessions I felt safe and cared about…..that was very important for me. In my life there was a lot of times when I felt so stuck that things seemed pretty hopeless.  You helped me to leave this feeling behind and now I feel free…..Thank you very much!”

Vaida Paulauskaite, UK

“Within just one EFT session with Bennie, I resolved an issue that had troubled me for years. He was professional, intuitive, very thorough and created a safe environment that allowed me to explore some deeply personal challenges. I highly recommend Bennie!”

Nikki Owen, UK’s Leading Expert in Charisma & Confidence

“I had a number of EFT sessions with Bennie.

These sessions had a profound effect on my life as they enabled me to leave a job that had been causing me misery for years but I was afraid of economic insecurity and imagined if I left I’d be unemployable.

After a couple of sessions I took the step I’d feared for so long and left my old place of work; within 3 days I was offered an exciting new position and at the same time moved back in with my wife after 7 years apart.

More than two years on we’re thriving in our relationship and my career has gone from strength to strength. I now have a thriving private practice as a consultant and therapist and have learned to do only work which I enjoy. I have no fear of the future and my self-worth has increased enormously.

I could go on – obsessive thoughts of old relationships for example, fear of commitment, a multitude of physical aches and pains, crippling resentment and anger – all either disappeared or were greatly dissipated after we’d specifically named and tackled them in Bennie’s sessions.

Obviously, the EFT was successful but I believe much the greater part of our success resided in the skills of the practitioner, ie Bennie. He is a good listener, extremely empathetic and skilled. He explained and taught me the techniques of EFT quickly, clearly and enjoyably.

I felt very safe around him and consequently held nothing back, hence the dramatic success of our work. I am extremely grateful to him and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody.”

Nick Mercer, London

“I was amazed how the tapping took me to a state of clarity and where I was able to access answers for myself. It unveiled a deep core belief that I was completely unaware of – a profound discovery and without that awareness I’d never have been able to heal that particular aspect of my life.”

Lareena Groves

“Bennie has helped me change something that has been a block in my life, it has been a profound experience and his insight, kindness and gifted talent make this one of the best healing experiences I’ve ever had.”

Barry, London

“After our session, last week ended up being a really good week as I felt the most relaxed, happy and excited-about-life I’ve been in a year!”

GA, London

“Thanks so much for the session – helped to do something about an issue I have not been able to reach with other techniques/approaches.”

AM, London, UK

I was not actually looking for help when I first stumbled across Bennie but was so taken by the testimonials I read that I felt compelled to contact him. Now, here I am writing my own and I can see why people speak so highly of Bennie. Initially I wanted help with moving forward in my own business but our sessions have been about so much more than that. I have laughed and cried as we delved into the mysteries of my mind, but at all times I felt totally safe and supported by Bennie. The big shifts that can come with EFT are great but for me the delight has been the more subtle changes, where I catch myself acting in a new way and just have to smile. I am now looking at life and all it has to offer with a new and empowered perspective and I can’t thank Bennie enough for helping me to achieve this. Sharon Galyer, Middlesex, UK

Working with Bennie has been a pleasure: he is very accommodating – I had sessions with him at 5.30 am! He is very encouraging and positive – I received many texts and emails along the way to see how I was progressing. He uses different techniques – if I was still stuck during an EFT session, he had another technique up his sleeve to use to help me overcome being stuck. I realised many underlying causes for my procrastination and I was able to easily complete assignments that I had been putting off for months! Thank you so much Bennie as I am now a better person – I know I would not have gone to the USA alone if it had not been for your encouragement! – He gives you added extra benefits!!!! Tahira

… a very useful tool to help fight negative beliefs and to break unhealthy attitudes. Unbelievable! I really appreciated your humour, insight and our rapport – I felt you ‘got’ me and as a result I got a lot more out of the experience. JH, Brighton

I explored several things with you that I’ve only ever done in a few environments – a tribute to the container that you build, even on the phone. The way you mixed humour with intuitive insights and your phraseology was inspirational. You are a very talented, compassionate and humble facilitator. RP, London

A real shift has occurred for me. I have become much more relaxed about […] and no longer feel fear and dread when I think of it. I am also more focused on changing my situation. Bennie, you have a lovely relaxed yet structured and safe way of facilitating which has been a gift for me. NR, London

I contacted Bennie having heard about EFT from a friend and wanting to find out some more for myself and see if it could help me with difficulties I am experiencing. I found Bennie to be a very kind and genuine person and easy to communicate with, whether by email, phone or in-person.

During the individual session I found it easy to talk to him, he is a good listener and was able to use his experience and intuition to understand me very well.  He honed-in on some issues that I had not been aware of before the session but which were underlying, and contributing to, my current difficulties.

I felt safe which was important as it was the first time I had tried out this sort of technique. He is passionate about what he is doing and is enthusiastic and has a gentle and very warm humour – I found myself smiling quite a lot which surprised me.

I am sure that I will be asking Bennie for further help and guidance and I would not hesitate to recommend him based on my own experience. Thank you Bennie for all your help so far, it is much appreciated. Nigel

I feel like a starfish* on Bennie’s beach. He picked me up, showed me the way to get my life back and find my happiness. Bennie you have made a huge difference in my life. THANK YOU for being Bennie and for all your support. Kim Mattingly, Switzerland

*Based on this short story: “One day the tide went out and left a million starfish on a beach. They were slowly dying under the heat of the sun.

A little girl was walking along this beautiful sandy beach. As she walked, she picked up a starfish and threw it into the sea, and then another, and another, and another.

Then an old man came up to her and said “What are you doing, little girl? There are millions of starfish out there, dying. You cannot possibly make a difference.”

The girl kneeled down, picked up a starfish, threw it into the water and said, “I made a difference to that one!”

Bennie was really there for me when I needed help, both as a practitioner and as a human being – as a compassionate friend. He helped bring to the surface some really old patterns that had been causing me pain for years. Bennie helped me finally put down the stick I had been beating myself with – for which I am truly grateful. Thank you. Mark Weston

After a few months of struggling with auditions, getting down to the last two and not quite nailing it, I had a very important audition coming up. Not wanting my “stuff” to get in the way I decided to seek some help. Bennie was recommended to me and I was amazed by the results. I felt safe to look at past events that had been holding me back in a new more helpful way. I felt a huge shift after the session and am still feeling the benefits now. I landed the role too, so the session really was life changing! Andrea

I never knew what EFT was, and then after having it described to me, I was even more sceptical as to the effectiveness and validity of the method. That said, I am not one for blowing something out the water until I have at least tried it, and the promise of such rapid results without having to go into too much detail was very alluring. What really surprised me was not that EFT worked so well for the issue I went to Bennie with, but that in only one session I also uncovered and resolved a whole range of issues that I was unaware of, that were clearly related and holding me back in my life. I feel great now! And, already I am experiencing the results that I only thought I would be able to achieve way off in the future! Nick

Having been involved in a near fatal car accident fifteen years ago I had been left with a lot of emotional scars. Every time I thought about the incident I would tense up and feel physically sick leaving me with vivid memories about the pain and the noise. After visiting Bennie I now think back to the accident as a distant memory and something that I have gone through which has somehow made me stronger. I felt completely relaxed with Bennie who created a safe space for me to open up in. I would recommend Bennie without hesitation to anyone. CB, Winchester

I have worked with Bennie on many occasions. He is highly skilled and gets results. I feel safe to open up and look at the deepest darkest corners of my life with him. Bennie finds the silver lining in every cloud and I will continue to work with him till I have nothing but blue skies! Bennie – A master in the art of transformation!

I had an emotional blockage connected to work for 6 years and had tried many ways to deal with it, so I was a little sceptical about my first meeting with Bennie. How wrong I was. His work made a massive change. The anxiety that I had literally disappeared overnight. It worked for me. I was overjoyed at the outcome and would highly recommend him. Richard

I found Bennie very calming, accepting and responsive to my different trains of thought. He had a willingness to see each issue through to the very end, no matter how tricky it seemed to resolve. I thought his techniques were refreshing and effective, and experienced him as warmly caring, although totally professional. Great mix: thank you. Sarah, Surrey

Thank you Bennie for a very unexpected result. I had a session with Bennie more out of interest in the type of therapy without the intention to connect to an emotional issue that has plagued me for many years. The session provided an emotional release which felt like old issues cleared and let go of, and I feel so much the better for it. Bennie is a gentle, open-hearted and trustworthy practitioner. Many many thanks. AM

Bennie is obviously doing what he is meant to do in this life. I thought I might feel silly in some of the things I said, but Bennie is a natural at what he does and has a very warm soul. Having carried something for many years Bennie helped me to clear it within an hour – sounds impossible, but I would definitely recommend giving it a go. Abby

Bennie is a highly competent and informed practitioner. Since having a session with him I have been able to approach a previously terrifying scenario with calm and confidence. I can highly recommend Bennie’s work for relief from limiting emotions and behaviour patterns. Thanks! Liz

Bennie offered me a session over Skype. Although I was familiar with the techniques there is nothing like having an experienced, kind and warm practitioner to “hold” you during the processes. I particularly valued the “testing” at the end of the session. Many thanks. Ivone

I had a treatment today with Bennie and I really enjoyed it. He made me feel safe and guided me through a new treatment for me. I feel a lot calmer already and I look forward to working with him in the future. Christina

I did a skype session with Bennie and it helped me get more at ease with my situation and it was very helpful. His intuition of what was going on in me was very supportive. I am in a process of mourning and change and the session was a valuable step in the right direction. Else

It was a pleasure working with Bennie. In a short space of time he understood what my issues were and proceeded to unblock the negative energy. He has taught me how to use the techniques to further unleash the negative vibes. I totally recommend Bennie for his warmth, his understanding and his commitment. Thank you Bennie. Lena

Bennie is a patient, warm and considerate person who has had a massive impact in my life with the work he does. I thought that I was in a good place, doing well and couldn’t be or do any better than I am…..I was wrong. I have found a new place to be in life and I’m loving it….thanks Bennie. Chris

Bennie is such a wonderfully compassionate man who has been committed to helping me as I have had a lot of past ill health to undo. He is intuitive and is able to ‘zoom’ in immediately by saying the right things that really resonate with me during EFT. He has a great sense of humour and immediately puts me at ease to open up to him. I am so grateful that he has so kindly offered me extra help when needed. I love working with Bennie – he’s a fantastic practitioner! Annette

I did a Skype session and just surrendered to the trust I felt with Bennie. After a good night’s sleep, I still feel cradled in that trust. Thanks ever so much. Scence

I felt extremely comfortable with Bennie right from the start. The session helped me discover the nature of some fundamental issues I had that were holding me back in various areas of my life. Bennie helped me identify and release these ‘blocks’ within our first session. I felt a wonderful sense of calm that I haven’t enjoyed for a long, long time and I’m now really excited about living my life in a much more happy, relaxed, satisfying and successful way. Thank you Bennie. Richard

I want(ed) to put in writing how much your support and presence were enabling factors for me in the weeks leading up to […the event…] I really believe your knowledge and awareness of the “mind tricks” that keep us from our true (and great) selves is so efficacious because of your great heart and kindness. As an observer seeing you in action, you do energetically become one with your client/s and it is a beautiful and awesome sight to witness the process and the benefit to them. Mike

I have sent Bennie many an email praising his work and my complete support for his growing business but mostly confirming my sincere, true respect and admiration for the wonderful results he has helped me achieve in an absolutely mind boggling short time – I am in awe of his patience and his capacity to literally cut through to the hard core and bring about a seamless and pain-free solution where none is consciously apparent!

In a nutshell, I am sincerely grateful from the bottom of my heart to this fabulous Man who has shown me not only integrity, empathy, a true generosity of spirit, but is a person who truly makes you feel safe and protected whilst actually drilling to the depth of my soul – where you don’t even want to go yourself!!

Bennie will help to bring out the Genie-in-You; catch-a-one-on-one-session-with-him-whilst you can!!


The result of a major accident and trauma I experienced was persistent negative thoughts relating to my healing. I came to Bennie 18 months after the original accident and within an hour we had, through EFT and a visualisation exercise, addressed all the major issues surrounding my fear of not healing fully. Bennie helped me to express exactly what I was scared of and what I felt was a block to allowing my body’s natural healing capabilities to fully engage.

After our session, I felt noticeably calmer, stronger and more grounded. This shift continued for the following two weeks leading up to the meeting with my consultant. In the meeting my consultant told me exactly the news I had wanted to hear (and which I had explored and expressed with Bennie). The result was a full healing of my injury. Bennie, I am deeply grateful to you for helping me to heal myself. Thank you. Damian Bell, London

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