If you already have all the money, peace, love, happiness and health in your life that you’d like to have then you’re probably already familiar with what follows.

If however there are some areas of your life that are not quite yet working the way you’d
like them to, here’s the ABC (or rather, the CBA)  to understanding why you may be missing out and how you change it.


We generally use a GPS or Satnav to guide us when we’re not sure how to get somewhere, either because the destination is new to us or because we’re lost.  To effectively use a Satnav you need to know the destination, and that’s ALL you need to know.

You do NOT need to know where you are, how you got there, or why you got lost!

There’s a reason why a SatNav does not have a ‘Random Destination’ button … think about

Yet how often do you just ‘hope for the best’ that one day your problems will miraculously
disappear (including those credit card bills or the job you’re stuck in), and the new car, house or partner will appear as if my magic?

If you are in that place of ‘hoping’ or just going through the motions of life, day by day,
you may not like what I’m about to say, but it’s true anyway:  not only is no-one coming to rescue you (nor can anyone rescue you), but even if you diligently continue to do the important work of healing the past, unless you become clear on where you want to be going, you’re very unlikely to ever end up there. (SatNav? Random destination?)

One of the things that’s probably getting in the way of you being clear on WHAT you want
is that you don’t know HOW to get there, or that you don’t have the resources, the skill, the money or the time right now to get there.

The great news is that, as far as creating the life you want, knowing HOW is not relevant
and here’s why:

You cannot now how (even if you think you do); the universe is simply too magic and connected for you work out all the details.  In fact, trying to work out the ‘hows’ is a major cause of stress – which leads to feeling unwell, getting sick, unhappiness which if anything, takes you further away from your dreams; insisting on the ‘hows’ actually get in the way of your dreams manifesting!

Creating the life you want involves faith; faith in your own creative abilities and faith in
the grace of a universe, God, Gaia, or whatever you prefer to call that ‘something’ that is bigger than you (if you believe in something bigger than you) who only wants for you what YOU want for you.

And before you can effectively communicate what you want to the universe, you have to first know what you want with absolute clarity and here’s how to do it.

Imagine it in the finest details – even if for a few minutes a day; imagine exactly what
it would look like, smell like, taste like and ever important, what you would FEEL like if you had this in your life!

The more details, the better – just make sure you stay away from the ‘hows’ and stay
focussed on the ‘what’!

All else being equal, the more familiar you become with that place of your dreams, the more you ‘live’ in them in your imagination, the more your vibration will change and the easier you’ll attract and create that very thing, person, place or experience.


Unless you believe that you deserve happiness you’ll probably never be happy; certainly
not in the long run.

Unless you believe that you are worthy of a loving relationship you’ll probably never have
one that lasts.

Whilst you believe that it’s not spiritual to be financially free, or that it’s selfish,
or that there isn’t enough for everyone, you probably never will be free.

Your beliefs are the main source of your thoughts, and thoughts turn into things.

Your beliefs also drive your emotions, which, combined with thoughts and imagination, are a major component of your creative powers and limiting beliefs (like “It’ll never happen to me”) often get in the way of you having CLARITY on what you want.

The problem with beliefs is that they are often (if not mostly) unconscious so you may not
even be aware of them.  On the other hand, the great thing about beliefs is that they are not right, wrong or real; they’re just beliefs and you can change the ones you don’t like and choose the ones you do like!

Commonly held beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t have what it takes” or “I
don’t belong” are a script for emotional and financial bankruptcy.

As within so without … if you’re not convinced about this saying, write down your beliefs
about money, sex and relationships.  Scan your life in these areas you’ll probably see that your life matches those beliefs 100%.

Creating and sustaining the life you want requires absolute belief that you CAN create whatever you desire.  And like any other belief – you can install this.

If the outer world is a reflection of what’s on the inside (and it is), and you don’t like what you see in the outside world – then you may find it useful to explore your beliefs, and change the ones that need changing!


Most people think that taking action is what they have to do to create what you want when
actually, taking action is the vehicle with which to receive that which you’ve already created!

Friend Dom Burton sent me this fabulous quote recently:  “Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without a vision is a nightmare.” which comes, I believe, from ancient Japan.

Once you

  • are clear on exactly what you want (CLARITY),
  • clear up any beliefs that say you can’t or shouldn’t have it
  • install beliefs that are aligned with where you want to be going

..then the next step is to start taking action.  There’s more to it than this, but simply put, any action will do because “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” (Harry Truman)


Many people spend vast amounts of time, money and energy on resolving THE PAST

  • therapy to overcome past trauma, heartache and pain
  • analysing (to death!) why this business failed or that relationship didn’t last
  • re-playing painful conversations in their heads over and over and over again – always ending the same way

I think that exploring and learning from the past is an important part of moving forward because most of our programming comes from the past and I fully support these simple steps;

  • go back there
  • resolve it
  • change the programming
  • move on.

Fewer people seem to spend any significant time on exploring life NOW with pertinent questions:

  • How is your life as a man, woman, manager, father, daughter, partner working NOW?
  • Are you keeping my promises and if not, what’s really going on?
  • How is your health NOW and what can you do to improve it?
  • How happy are you NOW and what are you doing to get happier?
  • How are you spending your time and what needs to change to bring about more balance?

Once again, I think these questions are invaluable and signs of awareness and curiosity which are both important elements of really engaging life and starting to access the power within YOU to change.

However, even fewer people seem to spend any significant time on PURPOSELY and CONSCIOUSLY creating the future that they claim they want.

  • Do you have a vision for your life, somewhere you’d like to be, things you’d like to experience?
  • How much time do you actually spend living there (in our imagination) and how much time do you spend arguing for your limitations and why that can never happen to you?
  • When was the last time you took some action towards it?
  • How much do you believe that you have the power to create what you desire rather than being a victim that life just happens to?


I choose to believe that the NOW I experience is not based on some random outside power, fate, destiny or luck and that it is my own creation, through the magic that is the universe – every little bit of it.

That belief empowers me and inspires me to spend time daily making sure that I do what I need to do to get what and where I want to get:

  1. Have perfect CLARITY about exactly what I want in my life
  2. BELIEVE that it is not only possible, but inevitable
  3. Take ACTION (any action!)
  • What if everything was connected?
  • What if you were a creator?
  • What if your thoughts turned into things?
  • What if your thoughts, imagination and feelings combined into phenomenally powerful forces of creation?
  • What if God only wanted for you what YOU wanted for you?
  • What if you did have a choice?
  • What if you CREATED life rather than life happening TO YOU?
  • What if you were powerful beyond your wildest dreams?

What if, indeed…

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It’ll probably change your life.

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