I hear so often of people feeling bad because they ‘hurt someone’ and of course, I too have had those experiences.

When we feel bad because of something we did and we do not find a way to resolve it, it stays with us.  As Robert Smith (FasterEFT) says,  “Memories buried alive don’t die”, and this poem by ‘buried alive’ puts its so well.


Dead memories
They dont die!
……. in the graveyard of your mind.

back to life!
they feed
the nightmares of your nights!

From deep, cerebral slumber
come dead memories, you’l remember-

…….the ones you thought you buried alive,

but dead memories
never die!

Now of course we can release (instead of bury) our painful memories if we know how, and that’s why I’m sharing with you this short, sweet and deep process that I call ‘The Process’ – to help you do just that.

‘The Process’ came to me while I was doing the ‘Labyrinth 100′ (click here to read that story) and I’m sharing it here for the first time.

Watch this short clip and experience for yourself how it helps you release ‘stuff’ from your relationships.  The Process is totally versatile and over the next few weeks I’ll introduce you to other ways of using it; the clip below takes you through releasing guilt, shame, embarrassment or regret that you’re still feeling about something you did or said and someone felt hurt or upset by it.

Please share this with family, friends and others you care about!!

Watch these other clips to see how you can use ‘The Process’ to …

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