One of the great things about being a presenter is that you get to hang out ‘behind the scenes’ with the other presenters.

During the recent EFT Dutch Masterclass in Deurne, Holland I got to spend time with Karl Dawson who invented/discovered Matrix Reimprinting with EFT.

Karl offered me a Matrix session and I eagerly accepted! Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck hooked both of us up to EEG monitors to monitor our theta, delta, beta and alfa brainwaves during the session.

We kicked off with a nervous feeling in my stomach and the next thing I knew I was right back into a painful childhood memory. Karl led me through it with skill and grace and I was able to resolve that memory and replace it with a loving, supportive one, effectively replacing it with what I would have liked to happen in that instance.

Now of course my intellectual mind knows what really happened but the amazing thing is that when I think of that event now, my body automatically tunes into the pleasant feelings of the new picture. Which, if you ask me, is a pretty cool result!

Like a kid with a new toy, I’ve been using Matrix Reimprinting on myself over the last week and I am delighted with the results. Karl offers a variety of techniques in his book; here’s how I’ve used it:

1. Directly identifying painful childhood memories, resolving them and replacing them with loving and happy memories

2. Using the feelings about something that is upsetting me now to link back to a childhood memory; every time after the process my upset about the current situation has either vastly reduced or totally disappeared!

Like for most of us, I was not even aware that those memories were still lurking in there and tied up with painful emotions but as Robert Smith from ‘FasterEFT’ says, “Memories buried alive never die.”

I am excited about the healing opportunity I see with Matrix based on my own experience over the last 10 days and I’ve joined up for a Matrix course in Sydney at the end of July.

Karl and Sasha Allenby co-wrote ’Matrix Reimprinting using EFT’ and I’ve found it a fascinating read. In very easy to follow style it explains the origins of and theory behind the technique and teaches various ways of applying it. For a full book review click here.

If you have experienced Matrix Reimprinting – let me know how you found it!

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