Think you can count?  Try this out for fun:

Now just think:  what are you focussed on right now, in your life, in relationships, health and wellbeing and business?

Is it what you want to be focussing on, now knowing that by focussing on that you’re missing out on other things that may be more important?

What we focus on expands for sure; recently I started dusting and you know what, I suddenly started noticing dust in places that I’d been walking past every day for weeks without noticing.  The minute I started focussing on ‘dust’, I saw it everywhere and ended up cleaning for a couple for hours!

Similarly, I have already decided what my next car is going to be (including the model, make and colour) and guess what, I see that car everywhere as I go about town.  It’s not that there are suddenly more of those cars out there but that I’m noticing it more now that I’m looking out for them.

Put your focus on where you want to be going (as opposed to where you don’t want to be going) and you’ll exponentially increase your chances of getting there; you’ll open the doors to see and attract opportunities and possibilities that simply did not exist before.  Or maybe they did … you just never noticed them before!

Bennie Naude

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